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Meeting Details

  • Upcoming vacation/PTO:
    • Alin: February 17, March 6-8
    • Andrei: January 23
    • Sebastian: January 19-27
    • Florin: January 18-20
    • Coop:
    • Kmoir:
  • Holidays:
    • Canada: Feb 20 (Ontario)
    • Romania: January 24

Possible bugs

From coop:

From kmoir:

  • How are preparations for the mercurial upgrades going for build/test machines? (to support bug 1298976)
    • [alin]: still need to be done for Windows 10 testers
  • Other possible bugs:
  • Is there further automation that you can implement to make regular tasks easier i.e. the machine loan email as a template
    • [alin]: as discussed in Hawaii, we’ll start investigating what improvements can be done here
  • Other goals
    • Puppet master upgrades: we're on a really old version, and should have a better story for upgrades going forward. We can move a single platform to start(kmoir needs to open bug here and ask arr on current state)
    • Talked to Rok this week re moving releng web properties to releng services. He said that his documentation is ready to use and he is willing to pair program with people as needed. We could move one of this projects (slave health, buildapi, slavealloc) as a start, depending on what you think is most useful.

SV: 2017/01/16 - 2017/01/20

  • New buidduty team member: Sebastian Păcurar (:spacurar) \o/
    • Mozilla account (?)
    • Like in our case, he’ll need access to several places:
      • AWS console
      • Releng LDAP group
      • Inventory
      • Permissions for vpn_releng_group (slave loan purposes)
      • Account on winadmin host (?)
  • Bug 1315977 - Mac build machines doing l10n repacks need python 2.7.6 or newer
    • 4 bld-lion-r5 machines are loaned to my puppet environment
    • Tested in 2 ways
      • Pinned first these machines to my enviornment,then pinned to production enviornment and python remained to version 2.7.12 but test failed in creating virtualenv
      • Just ran the modifications from my enviornment(upgrade python to 2.7.12) but machines remained pinned to puppet enviornment all the time( same result- tested on bld-lion-r5-065)
    • Callek said that if the steps are run via system python directly,rather than buildbot’s, everything works
  • Bug 1330999 - Turn off all Win10 support in Buildbot
    • Created patches for buildbot-config, puppet and cloud-tools
  • Bug 1253312 - TC Linux 32 debug builds Tier-1
    • mostly done, tests are still tier 2 atm
    • Geoff Brown made a suggestion on what changes we should do to make them tier 1, attached a patch for that
  • Bug 1330837 - Update tools tests to use mercurial 3.9.1
    • Not sure how to run these tests
    • I did the following things on my local computer:
      • Cloned /tools repo
      • Created a new py27 environment inside that repo
      • Ran “python develop”
      • Ran “tox”
    • I get something like: “360 tests run in 649.7 seconds. 3 FAILED, 6 errors (351 tests passed)” - those are different from Nick’s failure