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The following bug queries are relevant for 1.0:

blocking-calendar1.0+ - Bugs planned for 1.0 final

needed-beta - Bugs planned for the next beta.

The following improvements make up the goals of the Calendar Project. This does not necessarily mean for 1.0, but are meant to give a general direction for the future of the Calendar Project.

Calendar Storage and Performance

Local storage is slow (schema should be de-normalized so 1 row=1 event)
See bug 498968.

Make cached calendar the only way to configure a calendar
See bug 462277. There are a few more related bugs to fix since the local calendar may support more features than the remote one.

Make local changes asynchronous so that even if the server is slow or offline, changes to network calendars appear immediately and sent later.
I can't find a bug for this, although I was sure we had one.

CalDAV improvements

Other calendar applications support caldav "accounts" which means you can configure one account and see all your calendars as well as create and delete calendars on the server.
We had a student working on this from Uni Erlangen in Germany. He did produce some code, but I can't seem to find it on any bug at the moment. I'm sure its in my email archives though. I can't find a specific bug on this, but its also related to bug 306495, which is much needed to improve user experience when adding calendars.

Other applications support principal-property-search on principal hierarchy for email auto-completion which is much better than ldap in the context of calendaring
No bug filed yet.

Calendar Views

Other calendar applications support much better recurring event editing (all future events... )
I've tried this some time back, but it was very complicated due to the current architecture. See bug 320178

Improve display speed, there should not be any "blinking" of events
See bug 466742 and bug 501302. I second this, it would be nice to fix.

Backend Improvements

Other calendar applications support a form of delegation (even if it's proprietary it can be easily implemented by servers)
Inverse has a lot of code here. Christophe Humbert is making an effort to upstream these patches in bug 420516.

Other calendar applications have better attachment support
We have a few people working on this, see bug 168680.


Other applications have better printing support. While I wouldn't put that feature at the top of the list, it still is an important one.
We will likely be integrating the fgPrinters extension, which provides much nicer print layouts and I believe also a few more print options. bug 422184

It would be great to have better regression testing, in form of unit tests being executed by builders and possibly also mozmill tests.
This requires more build hardware, especially linux+windows. See bug 405007 and bug 545838.