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Calendar can import data in iCalendar (iCal) and Comma Separated Value (CSV) formats. Export is possible in these formats and is additionally in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).


Recommended for data exchange. The format is standardized in RFC 2445 and widely used.

Comma Separated Value

CSV import and export are optimized for collaboration with Outlook which can't handle the iCalendar format in the necessary extent. CSV offers an easy way to exchange data with spreadsheets or word processors too.

Currently Calendar imports only "well formed" CSV files. The first line should contain the header names. Each header field and each data field has to be enclosed in double quotes. Fields need to be separated with commas.

Mandatory are the two fields "Subject" and "Start Date" in their localized naming only (since 0.8).

The header names are localized and follow Outlook. Column order is not important. If the two mandatory headers were not recognized a fall back attempt is made for a file with 22 headers. It is assumed to have the column order of an English CSV file regardless of its headers.

Event and task headers and Outlook boolean field values are case sensitive and localized. Currently only events are imported and fields in parenthesis are skipped.

Sample CSV file:

"Subject","Start Date"
"Berlin Wall came down","1989-11-09"
"Genscher at embassy in Prague","1989-09-30"

Future development goals are in the Feature Implementations

Hypertext Markup Language

HTML export gives an event list with the todo items on top of that list.