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This is a non-current list of owners and peers of the calendar modules. A more current list is here. Don't edit this file. Just don't.

Items without any owners at all are generally handled by those under "Default." However, in general, they could benefit from being their own strongly-owned modules at some point.

Module Owner Peers (alpha order)
(stuff under /mozilla/calendar not otherwise listed here)
philipp daniel, ctalbert, mvl*, lilmatt*
Sunbird (calendar/sunbird) mvl* ssitter, ctalbert, lilmatt*, daniel*
Lightning (calendar/lightning) philipp daniel, ctalbert, mvl*, lilmatt*
Accessibility philipp
Alarms philipp daniel
Art & Branding MarkCarson lilmatt*
Calendar Manager philipp daniel, ctalbert, mvl*
Import/Export (calendar/import-export) mvl*
Installer (calendar/installer) mschroeder, ctalbert, rob_strong, lilmatt*
i18n/l10n (calendar/locales) sipaq lilmatt*
libical (calendar/libical) daniel philipp, mvl*
Recurrence daniel philipp, ctalbert, mvl*
Timezones daniel ctalbert, mvl*, lilmatt*
Views & Dialogs (calendar/{sunbird/}base/content) philipp berend, mschroeder
iTIP daniel philipp, ctalbert, lilmatt*
Printing daniel, lilmatt*
Website tobbi TMZ, lilmatt*
User Interface (UI) clarkbw christian*
CalDAV bbrowning philipp, daniel, lilmatt*
Composite philipp daniel, mvl*
ICS daniel philipp, mvl*, sebo
Memory daniel philipp, mvl*, sebo
Storage daniel philipp, mvl*, sebo
WCAP daniel philipp
GDATA philipp daniel
Tier-1 platform-specific stuff
Linux philipp daniel
Mac OS X daniel ctalbert, lilmatt*
Windows ctalbert

* Backup reviewer. Assign to them rarely.

If the bugzilla id is ":<name>", then bugzilla will expand it automatically. Just enter it into the reviewer field.

Reviewer Bugzilla ID
bbrowning browning at uwalumni dot com
berend :berend
christian chris.j.bugzilla at googlemail dot com
ctalbert :ctalbert
daniel :dbo
lilmatt lilmatt at flock dot com
MarkCarson mark at markcarson dot com
clarkbw clarkbw at gnome dot org
Reviewer Bugzilla ID
mschroeder :mschroeder
mvl mvl at exedo dot nl
philipp :Fallen
rob_strong robert.bugzilla at gmail dot com
sebo sebo dot moz at googlemail dot com
sipaq :sipaq
ssitter ssitter
Tobbi :Tobbi

Request Queue

When multiple reviewers come in question, you should check the Calendar Request Queue to see which reviewer has the smallest queue.

Review Process

Calendar does not require super-review. The only review is needed is the review of a module owner or peer of the involved module. (If a patch spans multiple modules, you need review from an owner or peer from each module. That sounds problematic, but due to the huge overlap in owners and peers, in most cases it can be done by one person.)

If the module owner and their peers are all busy and don't have time to do a complete review, you can ask someone else to review the code. This must be 'known hacker', somebody who has done calendar work himself, but does not need to be a module owner or peer. If you have code review, you can ask a owner or peer of the module your code touches to give module-owner-approval. Giving this approval only means that the code is good from a high level point of view. Because this is a lot less work, it should be easier to get this approval.

Use the Bugzilla ID to identify the reviewer in the Requestee field of the Attachment form.