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Any "Calendar Extension Roadmap" documents that may continue to be floating around are deprecated and should be treated as such. Long ago, it was determined that in order to improve stability and flexibility, much of the original storage codebase would need to be rewritten. In addition, the standalone calendar app Sunbird gained popularity. However, being one of the first applications based on the then nascent Toolkit API, this also skewed any existing roadmaps somewhat.

A note or two about version numbers

Prior to the release of Sunbird 0.3, various alpha, beta, and release candidate (RC) releases were used. It was decided that such formality was inappropriate for a pre-1.0 product, kept us in an almost constant code freeze, and stymied further development. Sunbird 0.3a2 is the last release with such filigree. Until we reach 1.0, future releases of both Lightning and Sunbird will use 0.n version numbers only. No alphas or betas will be released.

In addition, to help alleviate confusion regarding the equivalent feature sets of Lightning and Sunbird, it was decided to skip Lightning version 0.2. Lightning's next release will be 0.3, to coincide with the feature set of Sunbird 0.3.

Past Releases

The roadmaps for past releases are provided here for context and historical purposes only.

Sunbird 0.2

Sunbird 0.2 still used the original underlying code from OEOne which stored events and tasks as .ics files on the local hard drive (or remote WebDAV server). It relied on libxpical to provide an XPCOM wrapper around the libical library. While much work went in to creating a useable Toolkit-based app, it was clear that future development would require refactoring of the backend storage mechanisms, both for stability and for flexibility in supporting new types of calendar "stores" such as CalDAV.

Sunbird 0.3a1

Released 2005-11-04

This was the first release using the refactored backend storage. All data is stored in a SQLite database which is accessed via a unified storage API, and uses custom providers to translate between specific protocols (.ics, CalDAV, etc.) and our unified storage API.

Release Goals:

  • Fix regressions from the backend API rewrite, in a way that Sunbird gets usable again.
  • Not all bugs need to be fixed in the cleanest way.
  • Continue to use old (Sunbird 0.2/non-XBL) views and UI.
  • Intent is to get testing of the providers, and to be able to close old bugs that are fixed by the new ics provider or the new libical.

Notes for Sunbird 0.3a1: This release has old views and stuff. Those views are fixed to a point where the events show up, but there might be glitches in the display. This release was not meant to test the views, but to test the calendar backend code. Please don't file bugs on misaligned event boxes, wrong colours, or whatever else looks wrong. Please do file bugs on events not showing up, events showing up with wrong times, crashes, hangs, errors etc.

See Sunbird 0.3 alpha1 Release Notes

Lightning 0.1

Released 2006-03-14

This was the first release of Lightning, the integrated calendar extension for Thunderbird. Like Sunbird 0.3a1 before it, Lightning used the new backend storage. Bug fixes for issues found in Sunbird 0.3a1's new backend storage were also included. Lightning also introduced views (Day, Week, Multiweek, Month Views) written in XBL rather than the XUL-based ones used in all previous Sunbird releases, and dating back to OEOne. Since the XBL views can tie more directly to the data, significantly less code is required to keep what is displayed to the user in sync with what is in the database.

Release Goals:

  • XBL views
  • No known dataloss bugs when editing ICS files exclusively with Lightning
  • Basically functionally usable as dogfood with local database & ICS calendars
  • Project Page: Calendar:Lightning:0.1

See Lightning 0.1 Release Notes

Sunbird 0.3a2

Released 2006-05-11

This release switched Sunbird from the original (Sunbird 0.2) XUL-based views to the XBL ones originally released in Lightning. Soon after we began to see customizations of views that would have been previously impractical to implement, such as ones that with one button click rotate 90 degrees (day on the x-axis, and hours on the y-axis).

Release Goals:

  • Switch to new XBL views.
  • Sync the UI as much as possible with Lightning 0.1.
  • Intent is to test the new views and associated UI.
  • Tentative Goals (outdated)

Notes for Sunbird0.3a2: These views are what we plan to use moving forward. Now is the time to file bugs on misaligned event boxes, wrong colours, or whatever else looks wrong.

See Sunbird 0.3 alpha2 Release Notes

Sunbird/Lightning 0.3

Released 2006-10-11

See 0.3 Release Status

Sunbird/Lightning 0.3.1

Released 2007-02-19

See 0.3.1 Release Status

Sunbird/Lightning 0.5

Released 2007-06-27

Sunbird/Lightning 0.7

Released 2007-10-25

Sunbird/Lightning 0.8

Released 2008-04-04