Calendar:Status Meetings:2006-03-30

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Meeting Details

  • 9:00 AM PST (17:00 UTC)
  • IRC details: #calendar-mtg

In Attendance

ctalbert, dmose, jminta, lilmatt, mickey, mvl, ssa, ssitter, exos


  1. Scaling up our development processes
  2. Lightning 0.1 feedback summary
  3. Sunbird 0.3a2 status
  4. Calendaring extension future
  5. Wiki feature pages (cf ssa's post) and minor re-org
  6. 1.0 brainstorming (cf ssa's post)
  7. Next meeting

Scaling up development processes

  • process optimized for small number of people
  • dmose's upcoming focus for the next few months: improve those processes
  • action item (dmose): document existing module ownership, proposal for evolving
  • action item (mvl): talk to camino folks about their review processes

Lightning 0.1 feedback

  • Some good, some bad; overall good seemed to prevail
  • Frequent comments: UI suggestions, Accept Meeting doesn't work
  • Release process improvements: define features better, detect bugs sooner
    • These meetings should help us sort out feature definitions sooner
    • action item (ctalbert): take lead on organizing how to best make use of QA resources; get brain dump from dmose

Sunbird 0.3a2

  • Please don't land high-risk patches until it ships
  • Next small number of weeks
  • Separate triage meeting
  • action item (lilmatt): track mac build/release bug, ping build guys if necessary

Calendaring Extension Future

  • Low on time, so we punted this one until next week
  • Will be easier to discuss as we get our versioning story sorted out

Wiki Stuff

  • feature pages
    • dox on wiki
    • updated as result of newsgroup discussion
    • link to Google Groups discussion URLs if appropriate
    • used to track both current stuff that works and overall long-term design; might decide to split those topics apart later if necessary
  • wiki structure needs cleanup
    • action item (dmose): find owner for this task
    • jminta: Proposal for clean-up structure on newsgroup

1.0 Brainstorming

  • Ran low on time, so we just framed some stuff to start discussion: in particular, what are possible high-level goals for 1.0, and what features are critical vs. could perhaps be lived without.
  • Action item (ssa): start a combined newsgroup/wiki discussion

Next Meetings

  • Consensus was that it would be useful to try weekly meetings
  • Next meeting: Thursday April 6, 17:00 UTC, in #calendar-mtg
  • Action item (dmose): create proposed agenda; ask for feedback