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Meeting Details

In Attendance

bienvenu, dmose, jminta, lilmatt (scribe), Mnyromyr, mschroeder, mvl, ssa, ssitter


Follow-up on action items from last week

  • module owner state of the world / evolution possibilities (dmose)
    • attempting to document the defacto state of the world more completely
      • (ex: webdav = owner: mvl, peers: dmose)
    • will put draft up in nntp this afternoon
    • ssa: new provider module coming for connecting to Sun's calendar server (wcap)
  • Info about Camino's review process (mvl)
    • no response from emails. will follow up on #camino.
  • ctalbert to take the lead on sorting out our QA picture (see nntp post)
    • contacting to find out more about the regression suite work davel has been doing for the moz project as a whole
    • continue nntp discussion in the meantime
  • mac build/release lossage (lilmatt)
    • sorted out last week

1.0 features

  • ssa started a good discussion in nntp

Sunbird 0.3a2 status (mvl)

  • some fixes applied
  • some breakage (related to cairo being switched on on linux tbox)
    • preed asked dmose whether we had wanted cairo for sb 0.3a2, replied "not particularly"
  • bug 306157 remains - mvl not sure how to fix. others are r? or just need checking
  • mvl away Easter weekend (~April 14). Prefer to release before then
  • need to update version.txt and release notes url, and post release notes (sipaq)

Calendaring extension future (cf newsgroup thread)

  • main outcomes:
    • drop calendar-xpi-in-tbird
    • drop seamonkey support until it moves to toolkit
    • drop xpfe support
    • sunbird & lightning-in-tbird are our "tier 1" products
  • still need to sort out our browser-calendar-story, whatever that is, whether it's "lightning", "calendar.xpi", "some other stub", or "nothing at all"
  • ssa: can we get download numbers of lightning/sunbird? dmose: would be useful to track over time (todo - dmose: get numbers)
  • continue discussion regarding xpi (but not for xpfe) in the newsgroup, and keep it on next week's agenda for next week

1.0 brainstorming (cf newsgroup thread)

  • lots done in nntp

Imaginary users and product definition

  • dmose: we've gotten to the point where we'll get more benefit from defining our audiences a bit more clearly than by doing more brainstorming immediately
  • dmose: let's put together a meeting which includes mconnor and beltzner about this (todo - dmose: arrange meeting by tomorrow for sometime early next week and post details)
  • dmose: let's have prediscussion in the followup to the newsgroup thread with the meeting info

Upcoming conferences / face-to-face meeting

  • Late April: Washington DC - one-way freebusy workshop co-sponsored by calconnect
    • dmose
  • Late May: Boston MA - calconnect conference
    • dmose
  • dmose to talk to Frank Hecker about coupling this with a late June f2f Moz meeting in Mountain View

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