Calendar:Status Meetings:2006-05-18

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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
  • Access Code
    • 3646989
  • Conference controls
    • *6 mute line
    • *7 unmute line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's talking


christian, dmose, jminta, mickey, mtalbot, ssa

Proposed Agenda Items

  1. Bugzilla Component Reorganization -- when and how should it be done?
  2. Face-to-face meeting in Toronto
  3. Target Users
  4. Task/Feature Matrix
  5. Development Strategies Doc
  6. Next meeting shift?

Bugzilla Component Move

  • ping sysadmins and/or other folks involved in past component reorgs about best practices regarding what to do about obsolete components and the bugs in them
  • ask the sysadmins do the actual moving to avoid a ton of bugspam
  • move forward by filing a bug and having the moves happen as sysadmins have available bandwidth

Face-to-Face Meeting

  • tentative timeslot: July 8-11
  • action item (dmose): ping list for more confirmations
  • Try to solidify by early next week

Target Users

  • need feedback from mvl
  • hope to solidify soon

User Task Matrix

  • current matrix has mixed levels of complexity & tasks / solutions
  • christian signed up cherry-pick easy, less-complex features on the list for first UI work
  • christian also agreed to compile descriptions of target users once we've reached agreement on them

Development Strategies Document

  • incremental steps
  • different development/design process
  • bigger pieces can't work all this way
  • action item for a month from now: iterate
  • talk about at face-to-face

Next Week's Meeting

  • moved to Wednesday at same time to work around holiday in Germany