Calendar:Status Meetings:2006-11-15

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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
  • Access Code
    • 3646989
  • Conference controls
    • *6 mute line
    • *7 unmute line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's speaking

Agenda Items


lilmatt, christian, ssa, dmose, ctalbert, mickey, daniel.

Meeting Log

  • Performance
    • new thread on NG
  • Zoom scroll no news
  • Workflow
    • do we need more feedback on the UI layout?
    • need to drive it to conclusion
    • matt will take a look at it
    • how do we move forward with the calendar views discussion? Should we break the proposal into smaller pieces and start filing bugs and working on it
    • matt will look into it and try to see if he has any input into it. Next week is a US holiday so many people will take long vacations. so that might impact the response time.
  • item creation and modification
    • event vs tasks?
    • Still working on a useful list for task handling and event handling.
    • Working to extract useful content from the thread and from existing posts on the wiki.
    • Need more input on the wiki about the delete recurrence issue
    • Handling ics and webcal - no changes
  • ICS export
    • no changes
  • Conflict resolution
    • no changes
  • Printing - what else should we do with the printing stuff? Are the remaining items for polish?
    • Don't do too much work now, if it prints, its fine, and that seems to be achieved.
    • Save the rest for the polish time to work on UI and font layout etc.
    • The platform itself as some issues as well.
    • People find basic printing bugs we'll fix those, but as for making it super pretty we'll leave for the polish timeframe.
    • Can you print other providers? Have tested ICS and storage. Have not tried caldav or wcap. Might be issues with wcap printing.
    • Providers should all be the same when it comes to the providers because it uses the same calls as the views.
  • Publishing
  • Get Data In
    • Import data from existing applications - migrator landed and we found issues with it
    • addressed some, continue to address these as they come up
    • Takes care of people that have old calendar Extension and upgrade to lightning -- it fixes those bugs
  • Thunderbird Integration
    • no changes
  • Calendar interop
    • no changes
  • backup
    • no changes
  • data loss
    • foreign timezone ideas - dmose has an idea for that, and will be talking about it soon and will create a prototype once he returns form vacation.
    • mickey fixed some bugs with re-entrancy
  • misc-regressions
    • other than bugs from the migrator code, I think we're ok.

Calendar views

  • What is the next step to figuring out what to do next on Christian's thread.
  • dmose: Will be starting at MOCO in two weeks, will be working on calendar very soon.
  • the calendar views issue is a major decision maybe we can wait until dmose gets back to address this since he will have the time to work on this.
  • If dan could look at the wireframes this week and get some feedback to Christian that would help move the design process forward.
  • Then dan will sit down with people next week and work through the wireframes.
  • Christian has not gotten much feedback from anyone on his frames.
  • Dan will poke Beltzner and get him to review the UI's (clint and matt will remind Dan to do this)