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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
  • Access Code
    • 3646989
  • Conference controls
    • *6 mute line
    • *7 unmute line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's speaking

Agenda Items


Attendees: Dan, Mickey, Daniel, Clint, Matt, Simon, Phillip

0.3.1 Status

  • Good driving by Matt!
  • Great QA work by the entire Calendar-QA team!
  • Are there ways to make the release move faster?
    • It was almost a month from the first 0.3.1 prebuild until there was an actual release
    • It would be worth it to make the release move faster and more smoothly next time
    • Clint will bring that up in the calendar-qa meeting tomorrow as well to find what worked and what didn't, what would make it easier, and what frustrated them?
    • Matt was frustrated by lack of immedate access on the tinderboxes, even though it was better than 0.3. But when things were failing, lack of shell access became critical.
      • This might get better now that we are transitioning to community given tinderboxes.
      • We also got the L10N tinderboxes that we never had previously, so that helped a lot, and will help significantly so that the testers can feel more comfortable checking their L10N stuff against those tinderboxes and not having to wait until the last minute.
    • We will be switching the boxes back to normal 0.4a1 and 0.6a1 builds now
    • We should be continuing to focus on the branch since we will be releasing 0.5 from there
    • That means we will lose universal binaries until Hilo is replaced
    • The release was made slower because of the bugs that were found, and so as far as the find/fix cycle there may not be much that can be compressed.
      • We were better about picking the right bugs to fix 0.3.1, and not letting too many bugs creep in.
    • Need to better understand the implications of the testcases and the test coverage, so that we know what we have to test when some specific item changes.


  • Need to focus on getting this out, perhaps by end of March
  • Get Undo/Redo items in
  • Get as much iMIP and iTIP stuff as we can get in as we can.
  • Timezones or whatever else we can get into the release at the same time.
  • But we don't want to hold up the release for any set of features
    • The time value and the forward momentum is more important than any specific set of features.
    • Calendar-QA will start their test days on 0.5 again - which will be testing sunbird from the branch. Next test day will be on March 6, and will begin again every two weeks until we reach the release point, at which time we will do test days as needed.
      • In the meantime, calendar-qa will be working on QAWanted defects, unconfirmed defects and Sunbird from the branch build
    • We need a few cool features for 0.5 - like the updated event views, the better switch between mail and calendar
    • This would give the users the feel that this is a really good new release. It will give the users a feeling that we are making good progress -- simply because they can see a visual difference.
    • Definitely need the working hours fix as well for 0.5 -- that's a huge feature that many people have complained about.
    • Mvl put up a new bug for the event dialog prototype.
      • We need reviewers on that and we can ask mvl to review it when he gets back from his trip
      • It was pretty easy to get the event dialog to work in Sunbird, so that was not a blocking issue on it.

When should code freeze be

  • Matt will propose to Newsgroup and we will try to hash out a schedule for code freeze
  • We should continue cherry-picking items from the UI that Christian proposed, and if we can get artfully-inclined folks to help refine the skin to make that possible, that would be great for 0.5, especially as we continue to resolve the giant issues like what to do with tasks or the search bar.
  • Let's figure out what the absolute "must-have" features for 0.5
    • Working Hours
    • Event Box view updates
    • iTIP/iMIP
    • Printing in Lightning and work on sunbird
    • Event Dialog Prototype - need more input from mvl to get that done

Review Post From Mvl

  • Not much discussion in the newsgroup
  • Daniel, Mickey, and Sipaq like the idea.
  • Figuring out how to integrate more of the Sun team into the Review queue has been an ongoing goal, especially w.r.t. their specific business goals.
  • The list mvl linked to definitely needs to be updated with new owners and peers
  • Are we waiting to abolish R2 until that is finished?
    • The hope is to come up with individualized modules, and you won't have to ask for both an R1 and R2.
    • In our current system we have peer and module owners for the entire calendar directory and, we want revert to our old style, where there are module owners and module peers within the calendar directory. For example, there would be one recurrence reviewer and several peers for that feature.
  • We will see changes on this next week when Mvl gets back. The module owner page will be updated the page as new module owners and peers are found.
  • If we can get this done in the next few weeks then it can help us hit an earlier code freeze date for 0.5 because it will eliminate the review bottleneck.
  • What will happen with the UI review w.r.t. this proposal?
    • First we will fix the code review process then we will address the UI review process, but mvl is planning to address it.