Calendar:Status Meetings:2008-01-02

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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
    • US/Canada: 866-692-3163
    • Netherlands: 0800-020-1392
    • Germany: 0800-000-3441
  • Participant Passcode
    • 3182189
  • Conference controls
    • Press *1 private help menu
    • Press *6 mute or un-mute individual line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's speaking

Agenda Items

  • Tracking 0.8
    • Updating libical (bug 394902): In the meantime (from what mvl has experienced and mentioned on the mailing list), I don't think we should update libical on branch to avoid running into further trouble. We should postpone that to the early 0.9 phase.

Meeting Log

  • attendees: mschroder, sipaq, daniel, gary (only at the end)
  • daniel: Foreign timezone support is nearly done
  • daniel: Offline support step 1 on the way. It's still unclear whether it's safe to already turn it fully on for 0.8. We may also only turn caching on. Also lots of smaller fixes landed
  • daniel: Last phase for 0.8 entered -- What is really blocking? Daniel, sipaq and martin will have a look at the list.
  • We agreed to postpone libical's update on branch to lower the risk of regressions.
  • sipaq: Next face to face meeting should be in April or May? It makes most sense in to have it in Germany to keep travel expenses small. It would be good to have everyone (guys from Sun (daniel, mickey, berend, christian, andreas), mvl, ctalbert, david ascher, sipaq, mschroder, ssitter) there.
  • mschroder: Test day on next Thursday, getting into the regular bi-weekly phase