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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
    • US/Canada: 866-692-3163
    • Netherlands: 0800-020-1392
    • Germany: 0800-000-3441
  • Participant Passcode
    • 3182189
  • Conference controls
    • Press *1 private help menu
    • Press *6 mute or un-mute individual line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's speaking

Meeting Log

Attendees: Daniel, David, Christian, Gary, Martin, Berend, Clint, Mickey

Blocker Bugs


  • bug 408798 Optimize Menu Structure for Task Mode - Berend worked on this last week and it works fine, except that he's having command controller issues.
  • bug 327780 Should have the toolbar stuff sorted out by monday


  • bug 314339 Timezone Db - might be able to skip it since Gary did the Timezone update piece - might skip it in favor of the Updates for iTIP
  • bug 379198, bug 361635 - iTIP updates - Clint shoudl have a patch by next week.


  • bug 402518 enhance storage provider for foreign timezone - done, depending on review
  • All others - in progress


  • the guess timezone patch - ready to check in - Simon will check it in


  • bug 408968 ready to go, waiting on Berend
  • Not starting on the others since he's been concentrating on things pertaining to string freeze
  • Berend has reviewed the task mode should offer filtering bug 411497


  • bug 410140 Copyright 2008 update - Ause will check in


  • bug 406441 mvl and ause have a good handle on this, it's getting very close


  • bug 400540 This is actually Ause's bug, we're going to assign it to him to indicate that - no risk there.


  • bug 410931 Stumped on how to perform the update and check in the timezone changes. There are some timezone merge issues to be dealt with


Daniel landed first version of offline bug today! You can use CalDav, ICS, and Wcap offline - only wcap has a changelog based offline store though, so it should have better performance.

More blocking bugs may arise from the offline story as we start testing it. But, it works, though it needs more work. You turn it on by switching on the "offline" property on the calendar property dialog. Note that switching that flag on and off, will flush the cache.

String Freeze

  • Monday is the date for that -- objections?
  • No.
  • When should we freeze for the non-English locales?
  • In the past we've done 2-3 weeks for localizers to localize.
  • But RC 1 is currently scheduled for beginning of Feb, and the localizers won't have enough time to complete localization before RC1.
  • Decision: Push RC1 back a week, and give the localizers enough time to get their translations done.

So, RC1 is now Feb 8 -- we build Friday MORNING The L10N guys will have until Feb 7 to complete their work.

Proto Event Dialog

In November, everyone agreed tht the new one is better than the old one, but we never made a decision back then. Now, we really need to make a decision about this.

  • Simon: Thinks we should get rid of the old dialog and the associated bugs with it.
  • Daniel: I understood that the decision was made, and it was done.
  • Simon: Didn't have a feeling that we had a final decision - you can check that log-on the 21st of November 2007.
  • Clint: Folks should speak up if they disagree...
  • Simon: Then I can WONTFIX all the bugs associated with the old event dialog?
  • Daniel: Yes.
  • Mickey: I think that we didn't move forward simply due to time constraints, but it seemed like we had the decision already.
  • bug 403886 contains all the information on how we will shift the source code around and how things will change in light of this.


  • Daniel: two dates: 18th and 19th of April or the 17th and 18th of May
  • Daniel: Has discussed this with the Sun contingent, seems like the best dates for them.
  • Those are the dates that Philipp will be posting about.
  • Christian might be in vacation in May.
  • Martin might also be on vacation in April.
  • We really need to get this out to the NG.
  • This is inefficient.

Calendar QA Servers

  • Discussion on IRC yesterday and Shaver offered an interim solution for a calendar test server and DavidA joined in and offered the help of mailco to this effort
  • Martin created a list of servers that we need to test against.
  • We all have accounts on the public WCAP server - daniel set them up for us.
  • Zimbra's caldav server seems to be having a little wierdness between sunbird and lightning - needs more testing.
  • Let Martin know if there are other systems we should add: his list is Zimbra, Cosmo, Apple
  • I would add RSCDS to it


  • Simon and Martin will be attending for the calendar project
  • Simon will be talking about our status
  • Martin will be talking about our QA
  • They will try to recruit us some new folks!


  • Who's going and on who's behalf?
  • Christian will be there for Roundtable.
  • Daniel will be there for both, but might concentrate on visiting mozilla instead during that time.
  • Us being at the interop is really not necessary right now, anyway.
  • If anyone else (not on this call) is going, please contact DavidA immediately!
  • Thanks to David for offering to help us out!

Agenda Items

  • Tracking 0.8
  • Final decision on the future of the proto event dialog (bug 403886)
    • Have all the bugs regarding missing functionality from the old dialog been filed?
    • Are there other open issues?
    • We really need to move forward (in one direction or the other)
    • It would be good to check if the relevant bugs regarding either the old or the the proto dialog are valid in the other, and if they are not, close the bugs
  • Discussion of next face-to-face meeting - Update
  • Decide on string freeze for non-en-US locales
  • Initiate setup of a Calendar QA test server with different products (e.g. Zimbra, Cosmo, Apple Calendar Server...)