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Calendar:Who is who

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Active contributors

Name Location Job IRC Mail Bugzilla Litmus Web Photo
Daniel Boelzle Germany Developer dbo dbo (AT) boelzle (DOT) org dbo.moz (AT) boelzle (DOT) org
Clint Talbert USA Developer and QA ctalbert ctalbert (AT) mozilla (DOT) com ctalbert (AT) mozilla (DOT) com cmtalbert (AT) mozilla (DOT) com [1]
Martin Schroeder Germany QA Team Lead and Developer mschroeder mschroeder (AT) mozilla (DOT) x-home (DOT) org mschroeder (AT) mozilla (DOT) x-home (DOT) org [2]
Sebastian Schwieger Germany QA and Developer Sebo sebo.moz (AT) googlemail (DOT) com sebo.moz (AT) googlemail (DOT) com
Gary Kwong Singapore QA nth10sd nth10sd (AT) gmail (DOT) com nth10sd (AT) gmail (DOT) com
Philipp Kewisch Germany Project Lead and Developer Fallen mozilla (AT) kewis (DOT) ch
Simon Paquet Germany Project Lead, Website/Localization coordinator and Developer sipaq bugzilla (AT) babylonsounds (DOT) com
Michiel van Leeuwen Netherlands Developer mvl mvl (AT) exedo (DOT) nl
Bruno Browning USA Developer bbbrowning browning (AT) uwalumni (DOT) com
Mark Carson USA Graphic Artist Mark (AT) MarkCarson (DOT) com [3]
Stefan Sitter Germany QA and Developer ssitter ssitter (AT) gmail (DOT) com ssitter (AT) gmail (DOT) com ssitter [4]
Sebastian Hengst Germany QA Archaeopteryx
Omar Bajraszewski Poland QA Omar
Damian ? Poland QA and Litmus Administrator Damian
Bas van den Bosch bvdbos (AT) chello (DOT) nl
Tobias Markus Germany Calendar website lead Tobbi tobbi (AT) mozilla-uk (DOT) org tobbi.bugs (AT) googlemail (DOT) com tobbi.bugs (AT) googlemail (DOT) com
Tom Ellins UK Calendar website peer TMZ tmz (AT) mozilla-uk (DOT) org tmzmoz (AT) gmail (DOT) com tmz (AT) mozilla-uk (DOT) org
Jan Bambach Germany Calendar website contributor Jan jan (DOT) bambach (AT) hotmail (DOT) de jan (DOT) bambach (AT) hotmail (DOT) de

Past contributors

Name Location Job IRC Mail Bugzilla Litmus Web Photo
Stephan Schafer Germany Developer ssa
Christian Jansen Germany User Experience christian, chris-j christian.jansen (AT) sun (DOT) com
Andreas Treumann Germany QA Engineer andreas andreas.treumann (AT) sun (DOT) com
Berend Cornelius Germany UI development berend
Joey Minta USA Developer jminta
Matt Willis USA Developer lilmatt mattwillis@gmail.com lilmatt@flock.com
Ulf Ströhler Germany QA Ulf
Thomas Benisch Germany Developer tbe
Lars Wohlfahrt Germany QA thetux thetux.moz (AT) googlemail (DOT) com thetux.moz (AT) googlemail (DOT) com thetux [5]
Myk Melez myk myk (AT) mozilla (DOT) org
Dan Mosedale USA Calendar Project Lead dmose
Michael Buettner Germany Developer mickey michael.buettner (AT) sun (DOT) com michael.buettner (AT) sun (DOT) com