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I installed Sunbird today and like the look and the feel.

The one feature that I immediately looked for was not there:

Viewing Notes to Tasks or Events.

The NEW TASK/NEW EVENT template provides for input but not for viewing notes. I found this a pretty good feature in other software and personally require it.

I experimented a little with EXPORT (as a RTF to my desktop). It works well but is cumbersome. An alternatine could be to publish to an online calender, but I am on totally new ground here! (I must still learn at the age of 63!)

G1 (equals Grey One) --G1 08:36, 13 Aug 2005 (PDT)

Edit Sunbird Subscribed Calendar Options?


Just downloaded version 8 and love it. But I cannot figure out how to edit my subscribded calendar options (name, color, even unsubscribe). What I see in the documentation does not seem to apply to Sunbird (maybe Lightning?).

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks- Ed

In the left sidebar switch to the Calendars tab. Double click the calendar or choose Properties from the context menu to edit name, color, etc. Choose delete from the context menu to unsubscribe. --ssitter 09:30, 19 September 2008 (UTC)