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Mozilla Campus Reps Guide

Project Overview

The Campus Reps group/project page on SFX does not provide enough flexibility or polish to showcase our program. To solve that, we are working with Nobox to create a new "Guide" that will cover the major components of the program and present it in a way that will make it easier for our campus reps to discover and reference important information as they create, plan, and execute their projects and campaigns.

Project Goals

  • Launch the redesigned Campus Reps Guide on SFX (or as a separate website)
  • Enable easy to submit feedback and testimonial forms that send messages to the campusreps alias (or a specific forum thread on SFX)
  • Collect creative work that can be applied to the print version of the Guide.


  • Main contact: Jay Patel
  • Contact at Nobox: Nilee Badillo
  • WebDev contact: morgamic, buchanae, craig
  • QA contact: stephend

Schedule & Milestones

  • HTML/CSS conversion [May - June 2009]
    • Morgamic mentioned that Craig would do the slicing and dicing and then Alex would work with us to get the design implemented. [First week of June]
    • P1 pages (static content) [June 1 - 22]
      • Welcome
      • Projects
      • Help
    • P2 pages (static content) [June - July 2009]
      • Marketing
        • Marketing page will eventually be converted to a general SFX landing page for community marketing resources.
      • Highlights
    • P3 dynamic content: Map, Success Stories, and Feedback [July 2009]

  • Content update [Ongoing, based on progress with site development]
    • Once the site is ready, I will work to insert the actual text from the content we have on the Campus Reps group on SFX.
    • Welcome, Projects, and Help content is already on SFX; will reformat for new layout when the site templates are completed.
    • Highlights and Marketing content TBD
      • Highlights will be dynamically generated from the Success Stories submissions
      • Marketing content will be a team effort to make it more general for all SFX members
  • QA [June - July 2009]

Project Bugs

Flow / Walkthrough