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Short Description

CaptureMozilla WM RGB1 small.pngThe Capture Mozilla Project promotes and amplifies the use of video to capture and share knowledge (from know-how to cultural) across the Mozilla community.

Project Goals

The aim of Capture Mozilla is:

  1. To stimulate the generation of brief videos that give the know-how Mozillians need to to act quickly.
  2. To wrangle existing and new video from the community that shares knowledge.
  3. To use a self-serve model that gives Mozillians easy access to relevant knowledge at whatever level of contribution they engage in.
  4. To make video fun, interactive and easy to share.

Background and rationale

Using video as a means to capture and share knowledge is widely practiced in academic circles, work places and borderless social and political communities. When used effectively, video makes knowledge share immediate, efficient, social and creatively reusable. In order to use video effectively, some guiding rationales are helpful to hold in place. We use RCE to guide knowledge capture design:

  • Relevant- Captured and harvested knowledge must be Relevant to community wants and needs.
  • Connected- Connecting the captured and harvested knowledge must be done systemically.
  • Engaging- Captured and harvested knowledge must exploit the capabilities of the video medium.

Current status and further work

Current Status: This project has is evolving and following the community in it's design and manifestation.

Learnings: What we've learned so far is that the Capture Mozilla project is not a place, but a movement to put knowledge on video anywhere and everywhere. Four Channels of content live on Air.Mozilla to house content that does not warrant it's on channel. Those channels are:

  • How-To
  • Grow myself
  • Grow the project
  • Culture and Context

...but Capture Mozilla sponsored or facilitated content can live and be shared anywhere.

In the beginning of this project we worked from the premise that there would be a specific "location" that all Capture Mozilla Videos would live. Quickly we learned that this was a limitation. You can read a blog post on this shift here: Letting go to make room for what's next- New thoughts on Knowledge Share.New Thoughts on Knowledge Share

Capture Mozilla has created a Badge through Badges.Mozilla to recognize Mozillians who have contributed to the project.

Further, in order to make video capture easier we've created a Video Sprint. A 2 hour curriculum Mozillians can host as a stand-alone or bundled with other events.

Some observations in creating video with Mozillians:

  • the above 4 categories are not relevant to everyone who makes video storytelling.
  • Mozillians want to know how many views they get
  • Mozillians like to consume amateur short video, but are timid to make it.
  • Mozillians like Popcorn maker.
  • Some Mozillians are more likely to add content to their own channels than to the Capture Mozilla Channels
  • Mozillians perceive Air.Mozilla as a place to watch pre-recorded meetings or to stream content, not to publish produced content.
  • Knowledge capture on video is more likely to happen when done as a video sprint and bundled with other events.

What's next: The Capture Mozilla team is engaging with IT and Air.Mozilla to create better functionality to serve Mozillians who want to use and consume video to share knowledge. Capture Mozilla is looking to engage community members who are interested in this project being successful. How that engagement will be structured will be identified in Q3.

What do we make? & opening the making of it

Think your fellow Mozillians could benefit from a video about a specific topic? check out what others have requested on this etherpad here: Capture Mozilla Video Ideas If you'd like to get some requests into a bug, check out these 2 questions to get you thinking:

  • Question 1: If you could watch a short video or series of videos that would help you as a Mozillian, what would it/they be about?
  • Question 2: If you could make a short video or a series of videos that share some knowledge you have that you think the community could use, what would it/they be about?

To get you thinking, check out a collection of requests here: Vikibank

Mozillians wont' know what to share without knowing what you want. In order to make knowledge request more visible, collaborative in their creation, you can forward the process by filing a bug for that video here:

Or file a bug requesting a Mozillian to make a video about something you'd like to learn.

Submit a Video Request Now


To facilitate Knowledge Capture for yourself, your team or larger community, the Capture Mozilla project provides the following resources:

irc #capturemozilla

Team Profiles

Rodino (Dino) Anderson is a curriculum design expert with over 15 years working in diverse academic and not-for-profit communities. He has been a math and physics teacher, philosophy professor, teacher-trainer, academic supervisor for cultural capital projects and a tennis coach. Dino has published and presented scholarly works on curriculum theory, philosophy of education and technology of education. His life mission and motivation is to continue working with communities that value co-creation as a core tenet to providing opportunities and access to cultural goods.

Dia Bondi is a communications and speaker coach, trainer and human enthusiast. She has over 12 years experience working with a range of organizations (Clinton Global Initiative, Rio Olympic 2016 Bid Committee and others). One of her dynamic talents is being able to translate and execute her craft for group and 1-on-1 coaching in any environment. As a trained speaking coach, Dia has a keen eye for keeping communication concise, powerful and action-driven. Her ultimate goal in communications coaching is to keep the authentic voice of the presenter intact, while challenging them to optimize their potentials-and all through playful engagement. She brings her love of improving the communications experience one voice at a time to the challenges of scalable knowledge sharing and to the Viki project.

Sean Bolton is a volunteer Contributor and Mozillian committed to facilitating the capture of your knowledge through simple and usable tools and techniques. He has his attention on good design for the user and on "people's stories". Sean is a California native and is in the middle of his education in social sciences, specifically where design meets technology when people come together to make ideas materialize.