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The Capture Mozilla Project: Making implicit knowledge explicit through short video

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Capture Mozilla facilitates the sharing of knowledge through short video. Mozillians are a skilled and smart bunch. And in the Project, knowledge is distributed. But, that doesn't need to be distant. Video is a great way to share knowledge across oceans and disciplines.

So you want to do a Video Sprint!

The content produced in a Video Sprint will help make implicit knowledge explicit for the benefit of the project and for the Mozillians in it.

Maybe you are sharing knowledge as a response to a initiative, maybe you notice someone on the other side of the project could use your help. You've seen trends for know-how and knowledge requests and you and a group are answering that call. Your Video Sprint is a easy way to leverage each other and produce a bank of knowledge capture themed or unthemed, that will have an impact beyond your physical presence.


  • Your role as a guide:
    • As a guide your role is to facilitate the Sprint so that in a short 2 hours your sprinters will have something to share.
  • How to use the resources:
    • Now that you've read this Wiki and your burning to make a Sprint, here's your Sprinter Guide Handbook where you'll have everything you need to run a smooth and fun Sprint.
  • Game it!
    • Want to add some flair? Gamify it with a competition. Someone wins for the weirdest use of the location, best use of a costume, references to pop culture or a cameo or code word. Mozillians love to hack and play!


Your tools for Sprint success:

Have questions? please contact us at captureit[at]mozilla[dot]com