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Choice Campaign

The European Commission has ruled that users of a Windows PC in Europe who are still browsing the Web with IE browser will see a Browser Choice screen to make an active choice for a new browser.

In conjunction with the settlement and the "ballot screen" and the "" (See bug 537227) projects, Mozilla's Marketing community will launch the "Open To Choose" campaign to promote further awareness about the choice users have. The campaign will function primarily as a blogging campaign on a new Mozilla website.

The domain will be:


  • Make people aware of browser choice and why it’s important
    • Ensure people can actively make an informed choice – “Rock the Vote”
  • Create or amplify association with a Web that has human values
    • Start a longer-term story arc, provide on-ramps for people to engage with Mozilla


  • Lead by our beliefs: we’re helping people take control over their experience and be who they want to be
  • Create a strong high-level core framework that enables local autonomy


Community Participation

Please join the Choice POWER Team to ensure that all over Europe are aware of the Browser Choice screen and how important it is to choose the browser. More details and sign up can be found here.

Communications Strategy

The overall goal of our Open To Choice campaign is to raise awareness among Web users in Europe about the importance of making informed choices about the software and services they use to access the Internet. It launches at a time when an estimated 190 million of Europeans in 32 countries will be asked to make an active choice about which Web browser will act on their behalf to broker their online experiences.

Our overall communications strategy will focus on PR, Media and Community engagement (including Social Media). See here for complete details.


  • Jane - Project Co-rd
  • Sean Martell- Web Design
  • Irina - Community Participation
  • Morgamic - Mozilla Web Dev
  • Carlos - Zemoga Web Dev
  • Stephen D - QA
  • Matthew Z - IT
  • Blake - Metrics
  • Seth, Stas, Pascal C - L10n


  • Sean Martell is the design lead.

Phase V0.5

Phase V1.0

  • Currently being worked on - to be completed Feb 18.




  • Target Locales
    • We will start with 5 locales to translate the letter: de, es, fr, it, and pl. For Monday Feb22.
    • We will then start an opt-in thread on the dev-l10n newsgroup for other locales who choose to participate) possibly 17 more.






  • Website version V0.5 -- EN: Feb 19th
  • Website version V0.5 -- DE/FR/IT/ES/PL: Feb 22
  • Website version V0.5 -- Other locales: TBC
  • Website version V1.0 -- EN: TBC
  • Website version V1.0 -- DE/FR/IT/ES/PL and more: TBC

  • Website:
    • Design V0.5:
      • V0.5 Design completion - Feb 15: DONE
    • Functionality:
      • Twitter account / hashtag
      • Email sign up
    • Design V1.0:
      • V1.0 Design completion - Feb 18:
    • Functionality:
      • Community asset sharing
      • Twitter stream
      • Recent blog posts
  • Copy:
    • Copy V0.5:
      • V0.5 Copy completion - Feb 17: DONE
    • Copy V1.0:
      • V1.0 Copy completion - Feb ?: TBC
      • EN Snippet copy ready - Feb 19:
  • Web Dev Zemoga Team:
    • Dev V0.5:
    • Web dev V0.5 begin: Feb 16
    • Web dev V0.5 end: Feb 18
    • Web dev V0.5 QA: Feb 19
    • Dev V1.0:
    • Web dev V1.0 begin: Feb 19
    • Web dev V1.0 end: TBC
    • Web dev V1.0 QA: TBC
  • Web Dev - Mozilla Team
    • TBC
  • L10n:
      • Po file (+ snippet) creation starting - Oct 21
  • QA:
    • Test plan:
    • Functional plan:
    • Web dev release planning:
  • Marcomm:
    • Community Marketing Call announcement - Mar 3
    • blog.moz goes live - Feb 23rd
    • Open letter mailed out to influencers and press - Feb 22