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Start of project

  • Name each of the following:
    • Project sponsor - Marketing - Jane Finette
    • Project external coordinator - Iain MacMillan (
    • Main IT contact - Matthew Zeier
    • Main WebDev contact - Mike Morgan
    • Main QA contact - Stephen Donner
    • Main Security contact - Mike Morgan (& Chris Lyon)
    • Main third party contact (if developed externally) - Carlos Andres Ferro at Zemoga:
    • Final application owner/maintainer - Jane
  • Outline the following:
    • Overall goal of the project
    • Any pre-requisites needed (technology, server capacity, staffing, monitoring, response time, etc)
    • Initial timeline
    • External dependencies - Zemoga web dev agency & RMM London project coordination
    • Dev environment specs
    • Does this project use any plugins or proprietary technology?

Staging Signoff

In order to get an app into staging, the following should be completed:

  • Code committed to Mozilla source control and tagged
  • Initial architecture review by IT and WebDev
  • Plugin/tech review by Evangelism
  • Security review must be in-process
  • Site must be password protected
  • Review timeline to go live
  • Review any production requirements so IT can order any new hardware needed

Production Signoff/Launch

  • Final WebDev signoff
  • Final IT signoff
  • Final QA signoff
  • Final Security signoff
  • Final Metrics signoff
  • Operations documents filled for support & any training complete
  • Monitors in place