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Separating out Chronicle and Reading List stuff...Reading List project will live here: CloudServices/Reading List

What is it?

Making it easier to find a site, recipe, or article that you saw before. "Never lose site again". What if we pulled together Reading List + History + Bookmarks + Social Links and presented them in a powerful way accessible from any screen?


Problem we're solving

(DRAFT - edwong wrote these)


  • M1: History is a long list of duplicate urls that are hard to search. Let's make this better and accessible on all my devices.
  • M2: I have a bookmark or article I want to read later but I'm on an iPhone.
  • M3: I want read popular articles from multiple social streams in one place (possibly seamlessly inline[task continuity]).


  • M1: I'd like to share links with my contacts, possibly in real time.
  • M2: I want my awesome bar to be smarter about sites I might like, look pretty, and possibly suggest things.


Chronicle (Target Fall 2015)


  • M1: Make history more awesome (look and feel, search)
  • M2: Integrate Reading List, History, Bookmarks
  • M3: Integrate Social

2.0 Take chronicle learnings and put them in the awesome bar.

Project Domains

  • Cloud Services Product Manager: Bill Maggs
  • Desktop Product Manager: Bryan Clark
  • Mobile Product Manager: Deb Richardson
  • Tech Lead/Product Owner: Nick Chapman
  • Technical Project Manager: Edwin Wong
  • UX/Research Lead: John Gruen
  • Dev: Jared Hirsch, Sean MacArthur
  • QA/Infrastructure Lead: Peter DeHaan

Product Definition

Test Plans and Testing Notes