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  • Next Meeting is January 8th, 2014



  • rtilder is working on MozStumbler data export and Fennec reporting fix (bug 950237), as low-priority tasks.
  • MapBox tiles seem to be very laggy and returning server errors.


  • More progress on new map prototype, design preview at
  • Integrated and test-deployed hekad for stats/timing gathering
  • Had to introduce rate limitations on search/geolocate API to prevent some joker from trying to abuse the service
  • Added new cross-region read replica and took manual DB snapshots. Should act as a safeguard in case anything happens to one AWS zone during the x-mas holidays
  • Rewrote / refactored all code that made it into the MySQL slow log and removed unused indices
  • Good progress on handling incomplete cell records in smarter ways


Next Actions

  • Server side: Don't touch the server anymore this year :)
  • hannosch to invite rdandu to team meeting
  • cpeterson will email mailing list about osmdroid problems
  • Investigate migrating stumbler maps from osmdroid to MapBox SDK
  • Need product management help?
  • elan will poke jishnu about Fennec privacy text
  • Give brown bag about project in early 2014?