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  • Reached out to Ravi/Vishy - they'll gather thoughts and come back to us



  • dougt working on User Activity to save battery
  • Contract to develop a fancier stumbler/game client is on hold due to Firefox Accounts work


  • New map design is almost ready at - started working on automating the actual map tile generation
  • Operationalization continuing and making good progress on both the ops and dev side
  • More progress on handling incomplete cell data and making use of the data reported by the "neighboring cell" APIs


Next Actions

  • dougt updating stumbler UI
  • send cell tower data to service
  • cpeterson to follow up with Pierros about reaching out to Mozillian community for stumbling
  • cpeterson to ask KaiRo about reaching out to OpenStreetMaps
  • hannosch to work on fancier leaderboard