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  • Progress on Geo-IP integration
  • Adding more filters for too incomplete or obviously bogus data
  • Started work on simple data retention and throwing away data if we have too much of it for a single cell/wifi (one million observations for the same wifi network isn't useful)
  • Extend API key reporting
  • Started work on automated load tests to help with stress testing and sizing the production environment


  • Discussions about switching Firefox desktop nightly to MLS for a couple days. No concrete timeline yet for it.
  • Discussions around using MLS in specific FxOS phones and requirements around that. Started adding code to FxOS to support MLS geolocate API.
  • Picking up legal/technical discussions about opening up aggregated cell data again.

Next Actions

  • Hanno: Further investigate filtering out ad-hoc WiFi networks. It looks like these are used for many stationary networks as well, like guest or secondary networks on WiFi AP's. For example a user provided dump showed >30k WiFi networks for Korean Telecom's public WiFi offering.