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  • Added new quantitative cell network statistics at linked from the /stats page.
  • Finished and deployed simple data retention work, now we keep at most 10k raw observations for any given cell or WiFi, slowly deleting old data and allowing it to be replaced by new data. This removed about 10 out of 140 million cell observations and 60 out of 700 million WiFi observations.
  • Added more back-end reporting and investigate different statistic backends for more complex metrics.
  • Complete lowering resolution of observation times on the server side to a monthly granularity, suggested based on privacy concerns and already implemented in MozStumbler.
  • Complete investigation of ad-hoc WiFi network treatment. The ad-hoc flag is not useful as a filter, as many stationary WiFi networks use it, especially any access point that supports multiple WiFi networks like guest networks or enterprise equipment.
  • Start investigation into different data storage backends and re-doing the architecture to support mid-term data growth.


  • Continue discussion around better privacy policy, especially to update the language to be applicable to Fennec.
  • Scheduled meeting about next steps on opening aggregated cell data.
  • Continue discussion about possible using MLS in one of the FxOS devices coming to market later this year.
  • Started talking to community engagement to see if they can help.

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