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This is the home of the Payments team at Mozilla.

Team Members

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Public Meetings

  • Tuesday, 9am (PST), MozillaPayments Vidyo. US Toll Free +1 800 707 2533, pin 369, conf 98841 UK/London: +44 (0)207 855 3000, extension 92, 98841

For minutes archive, please see:

Active Projects

Payments for Firefox Accounts

This is the main project for Q2 and Q3 for the Payments team.

Payments on github ☃ Current Status Lets start deploying
  • August 5th: focusing on the management interface.
  • July 3rd: Working payments and subscriptions, emails etc. Completed quarterly goals.
  • May 12th: Backend support done, working on the intermediate and front ends
  • April 29th: backend support landing, service middleware landing, front end started. Figuring out a milestone for the end of May.
  • April 9th: provider chosen. Figuring out FxA integration points.


Kanban board:

Future Projects

Payments for Firefox Accounts

This covers payments for Firefox Accounts and other Cloud Services related services. See Services for more.

Improving payments for the platform

Form auto fill

Automate the automatic Form Fill for more.

Archive Projects

Android payments

909896 ☃ Current Status Done
  • July 3rd: FxA regression still being worked on. Otherwise launched.
  • June 8th: Hiccups, found that the settings didn't actually get preffed on in the release channel. Also FxA regression.
  • May 12th: Launched. There's a couple of apps using it. No bugs yet.
  • April 29th: just waiting. Dum de dum.
  • April 9th: preliminary tests show that Android payments work on Beta. Yay.
  • March 21st: Android patch not being uploaded, holding till we can test again.
  • March 9th: FxA patch is tested in dev and working. Merged to prod.
  • March 4th: Patches required for Android Support are being possibly uplifted to beta: 1097928. FxA patch is being worked on.

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987661 ☃ Current Status Aborted. Diverted back to the original airport.
  • April 23rd: filed bugs to remove Boku.
  • April 9th: A few bugs on Mozilla's end cleaned up including 1136212 , but still waiting for more.
  • March 9th: Waiting on approval to launch.
  • March 4th: In country testing complete. Boku and carrier working on issue with some price tiers: 1137760.