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Please feel empowered to edit or add content this FAQ if you find information or details that would be helpful to the wider community.


What is Weave?
Weave is a Mozilla Labs project to explore ways in which the browser can broker richer experiences on the Web, by integrating more closely with online services.
What is Weave Sync?
Weave Sync is the first component of the Weave project to be available for testing. It is an add-on and a server which allows you to synchronize browser-related personal information (such as bookmarks, history, saved passwords, open tabs) to a server and all your devices. You can use Mozilla's server, or you can set up your own as well (see here for instructions)
Are there any discussions I can join?
Absolutely! Check the Weave discussion forum. Note that if you have a bug report, it's better to follow these instructions.
How do I use Weave Sync?
To use Weave Sync you need to use version 3.5 or greater of Firefox or Fennec (Mobile Firefox) beta. Then install the Weave Sync add-on, and follow the instructions to set it up!
What settings does Weave Sync synchronize?
Weave Sync currently supports synchronization of bookmarks, browsing history, open tabs, passwords, selected preferences and form entries. Other browsing data may be added in a future release.
Is my data secure?
Weave encrypts all of your data before transmitting it to the server, using a secret phrase that is known only to you, and not stored anywhere else. The server cannot read the data, and an attacker could not read your data either, unless he knew your secret phrase. When you set up a new browser to synchronize with weave, you provide your secret phrase, which allows that browser to read your data. (Read more about Weave cryptography here)
What are the plans for future development?
See the Weave Roadmap for information on future releases.
How often does Weave connect to the server?
It depends. If you are using Weave Sync on only one computer, the Weave add-on connects to the server every 24 hours. If you are using Weave Sync on multiple devices, the add-on connects every hour for most users. If you are using Firefox very heavily, the add-on connects more frequently.

Firefox Mobile

Does having Firefox Mobile (Fennec) mean I automatically have Weave?
At the moment, Weave Sync is an add-on available for Firefox and Fennec. To install it follow the instructions under "How do I use Weave Sync?" above.
Does wireless syncing go both ways? If I browse on my device will my PC know too?
Yes! Fennec has full Weave Sync support, so changes you make on your mobile will sync back to your PC.
If I sync my mobile device with my home browser, will security settings and preferences sync too?
Weave Sync currently supports synchronization of bookmarks, browsing history, open tabs, saved passwords, form entries, and selected preferences. Security settings will be added in a future release.


I'm having a problem, what can I do?
First, please make sure to read all the entries in this FAQ. If you can't find the answer, then you may have stumbled onto a bug. See this page for reporting bugs.
Help, I can't log in!
If you are having trouble logging in, there are a few things that might be going wrong:
  1. You need to be running Firefox version 3.5 or above.
  2. Make sure you do not have a custom server URL set. Go to the Weave preferences, and click on the "Reset to Default" button in the last tab.
  3. Other extensions might be interfering with Weave somehow, disable other extensions.
  4. Re-type your username and password to make sure they are correct!
I've forgotten my passphrase, what can I do?
We'll be making this an easier process, but for the moment: open the Weave preferences and go to the Data page. Click 'Sync Now' there. In the dialog that comes up, select in the drop-down the right-arrow (==>) to delete all server data and replace it with your local data.
Is Weave incompatible with any other add-ons?
We've had reports of some incompatibilities between Weave and other add-ons. These include NoScript, Adblock, and Torbutton, at least (but there may be more we don't know about). We recommend you disable them, especially during the initial account creation, as they can interfere with the display of the CAPTCHA that Weave uses.
I need to "Erase all server data"/I erroneously installed a development version and now my computers won't sync
If you erroneously installed a development/nightly build version of Weave and you let it sync, the server data are now probably incompatible with your stable version client. To solve this, you can either install the same development version everywhere or do the following to erase all server data and obtain a full reset of your account.
  1. Be ABSOLUTELY sure to have at least one up-to-date copy of all data on a single computer: your remote data will be definitely erased (NOT UNDOABLE)
  2. Uninstall weave from all computers except the one with the up-to-date data
  3. In Firefox, go to Tools->"Error Console" and enter the following (all on one line): Components.utils.import("resource://weave/service.js"); Weave.Service.wipeServer()
  4. Install the correct version of Weave on that computer and do a Start Over: Tools->Weave->Preferences->Manage Account->Start Over
  5. Choose to overwrite all remote data with local data
  6. Reinstall the correct version Weave on all your other computers
Be careful: this procedure is definitive; once you've erased the remote data, it cannot be retrieved.

Diving Deeper

Can I run my own server?
Absolutely! See Server Setup for information on how to do that.
Is the source code available?
As with all Mozilla projects, Weave is open source. For more information on obtaining the client and server source code, please see Weave Setup.
What is the Weave Server API?
The current Weave servers use a very simple API, which we have documented here. There are additional components which are still on the drawing board. They will have their own APIs as necessary.