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This policy shamelessly stolen from tb-planning and dmose.

services-dev is a mailing list with one explicit goal:

  • Offer an easy, transparent venue for getting constructive, Services-related work done.

and one explicit non-goal:

  • Offering community members the chance to post until they get satisfaction about their concerns. (There is a support forum on SUMO dedicated to resolving user concerns)

services-dev is a moderated list:

  1. Anyone can subscribe and read the messages.
  2. Anyone can post. By default, posts will be reviewed by a moderator before being sent to the list.
  3. A smaller number of contributors will be added to a whitelist, and their postings will go directly to the list without having to first be reviewed by a moderator. These will be people who are believed by the moderators to have high-value contributions to offer and who are not generally prone to ranting, venting, and being unnecessarily argumentative.

Messages need to abide by two simple rules to be approved by the moderators:

  • Be nice (in other words, no personal attacks, ranting, etc.)
  • Be constructive (in other words, no whining, repetition, venting, etc.)

Messages that do not meet these rules will be dropped without explanation.

Whitelist membership is subject to temporary or permanent suspension at the discretion of the list-owner if believed warranted.

services-dev is available as a read-only mirror via Google Groups:

This policy is expected to evolve at the discretion of the list-owner (currently

Subscribe or unsubscribe at