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Welcome to Community Communications aka CommSquared!

This is the home of Community Communications, aka CommXComm, aka Comm^2 = CommSquared!

CommSquared is our community communications program. Its design is to spread the Mozilla mission to the press and to the general public.

Which means :

  • writing blogposts (bloggers needed!)
  • interacting with your local press : writing articles, staffing interviews, ...
  • producing press coverage analysis about Mozilla and about the tech industry in your local area
  • being a community communications spokesperson for Mozilla in your local area

And doesn't mean :

  • organizing events on behalf of Mozilla
  • giving interviews on behalf of Mozilla without prior formal authorization

CommSquareds work closely with Mozilla paid staff of the Communications team : they will be trained, offered guidance, and given insider information.

Most importantly CommSquareds will be provided with personalized PR trainings, adapted to one's know-how and to one's evolution within the CommSquared program: they will learn and they will get recognition for their work.

Who may become a CommSquared?

  • You are a Mozillian, you share our mission, you love the web, and you love people
  • You follow industry news closely, especially Mozilla-related content
  • You have writing and/or verbal skills and you want to use those to help Mozilla
  • You don't have to be technically savvy nor PR trained :)

Program Content

CommSquared program content.png

Open PR for Mozillians (Volunteers & staff)

As Mozilla's message is stronger and crisper if all of us sing the same song, Mozillians will have a space to access common content & tips about PR & blogging, without NDA.

  • PR training content
  • PR content such as FAQs

Mozillians may connect with the PR team via

More information on the Open PR wiki page


Insiders have access to information which is not yet public in order to blog, do demos and public speaking. Insiders will receive 101 trainings on PR (tips on the wiki, videos). They will be given first-hand insights and key messages, they will work closely with the PR team and they will have the opportunity to discuss, exchange and interact on the CommSquared Yammer group.

They may eventually be offered to evolve into a PR specialist or into a Community Spokesperson.

PR Specialist

As a PR Specialist, you'll be writing articles, staffing interviews, producing press coverage analysis, and work closely with your local press. You will receive extensive personalized trainings. You will work hand-in-hand with a Spokesperson in your local area. Please not that there will be no PR Specialist in countries where Mozilla already works with a PR agency.

Community Spokesperson

As a Community Spokesperson, you'll be speaking on behalf of Mozilla with the Press in your local area, which may happen in community events, congresses, press events, … You will receive extensive personalized trainings. You will work hand-in-hand with a PR Specialist in your local area, or with Mozilla's PR agency.


To progress within the program, CommSquared members will be selected by staff to be trained, depending on business needs, combined with their personal skills and potential. While we hope that everyone who has been trained will eventually graduate, some trainees may need more training before graduating. In other words not everyone will graduate from Insider to PR Specialist or Community Spokesperson following a single training session.

How do I join?

  1. Download and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement File:CommSquared NDA.pdf, then send it back to: (if you've already signed an NDA for another Mozilla program, please send it back)
  2. Subscribe to the CommSquared Mailing List
  3. Open a Mozillian account, if you don't have one yet!

Any question? Get in touch with the admins of the program via email:


Here are a few tutorials for Insiders:


We get often the same questions. Here they are, with their answers. More questions? Ask them on the mailing list if you're a member, or send them directly to Tristan Nitot (

  • I'm good with people, but I don't have experience in the field of PR. Is this an issue to become a CommSquared member?
    • Not at all! Mozilla is working on providing training in order to address this!
  • Why has CommsReps evolved into CommSquared?
    • Glad you asked! CommsReps was a program which retired in April 2014. The goal of both programs are very similar, but in order to be part of CommsReps, one had to be a Mozilla Rep (hence the "Reps" in "CommsReps"!). CommSquared is replacing the CommsReps program to reflect that it's not necessary to be a Mozilla Rep to be part of CommSquared.
  • DRAFT - What's the relationship and the differences between Open PR and CommSquared?
    • Open PR is open to all Mozillians to enable those who want to be informed and access PR-related content and discuss it with the PR team and other Mozillians
    • CommSquared is for the Mozillians that want to be involved with the PR effort in their region. It requires more involvement, spending time being trained and doing some actual PR-related work. CommSquared also offers to dedicated Mozillians the ability to become PR specialists or Spokespeople. You need to have signed an NDA and be ready to commit some time in order to become a CommSquared member.