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How To Create A Media List

Before you or a CommSquared fellow may start reaching out to the press in your area, you need to create a media list.

A media list is a compilation of key press contacts who could be interested in hearing about Mozilla news and announcements. Building the perfect media list means including as many relevant contact details as possible.

Creating a media list is very simple, it just takes some time and research.

1. Discover who is writing about Mozilla in your area.

Start making a list of what news outlets and journalists are writing about Mozilla and Firefox in your location. Consider all of the news sources in your area, and which ones regularly write about technology. A simple way to get started on this is to go to the Google News site for your country. Type in search terms like ‘Mozilla,’ ‘Firefox,’ and other browsers like ‘Google Chrome,’ ‘Safari browser’ and ‘Internet Explorer.’ Make a list of the news sources in your location that regularly appear in these search results. Identify specific reporters who frequently write about Mozilla, Firefox, browsers and the Web.

2. Build your list.

Create an Excel-type spreadsheet to input all of this information. Try to include the following headings with basic contact information as well as observations about the reporter’s writing style: News Outlet, Last Name, First Name, Title, Email, Phone Number, Notes.

3. Share it on the CommSquared G-drive under the "Media List" category

4. Regularly update your list.

After your initial list is built, make sure it is updated as new journalists or publications appear in your area :)