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VERY EARLY DRAFT under heavy editing

Questions? Ask Tristan Nitot (

Welcome to the Open PR wiki page!

With Open PR, discuss communications at Mozilla with fellow Mozillians and access PR contents: our code is open source, let's open PR too!

What is Open PR?

Open PR is a program whose goal is to enable Mozillians (staff and volunteers) to be involved with the PR process. In particular, the Open PR program offers:

  • to keep in touch! Find out what's being announced and all the related messages.
  • to discuss! Talk about Mozilla, PR and communications with fellow Mozillians.
  • to connect with the PR team! Ask questions, give feedback, and provide the team with any input you may have!
  • To access PR guidelines! Stop wondering what to do when approached by the Press :)

Open PR is built around the CommSquared program

Please note that the resources listed there are for Mozillians only, and not meant to be shared as is with the rest of the world :)

How can I get access Open PR?

It's very simple! You just need to have a account and a Mozillian Yammer account. Then you should sign up for the Open PR Yammer group, which is an open group. Then you're good to go!

This Yammer group is where links to materials are located and where you may interact with members of the PR team. (Please note that neither the links nor the materials are to be shared outside Mozillians).


Contents to be shared in Open PR may evolve but as a start, key messages about Mozilla, our community, our products and initiatives we lead, as well as FAQs, pitching briefs, talking points,... will all be in the Open PR field.

More exciting things to come, stay Open!