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How to: write a fancy blog post in 10 tips

Empower your message and clarify your opinion by following those few tips:


  1. Develop a unique and documented standpoint: your post has to bring something new to the party, whether it is your personal skills, your experience or your disruptive opinion.
  2. Help your audience: don’t be generic; your post has to meet the needs of a specific audience. You may use metrics to narrow this audience and find out about its expectations.
  3. Put yourself in the mindset of your reader: increase your post’s user value by thinking like you are the reader.
  4. Don’t be tacky: preserve your credibility by avoiding any coarse or indelicate catchphrase.


  1. Write a clear and punchy opening: most readers only read the headlines. You want them to get into the whole post, so be concise and choose a self-explanatory title: simple is better than fun.
  2. Organize your post: order your content into sections and paragraphs, use bulleted lists, etc; those will make your post easier to read.
  3. Pick up a relevant image: a visual illustration triggers emotions and makes your message more powerful.
  4. Enrich your post with links, data, expert quotes, customer testimonials, opinions of influencers, etc.: your credibility will be increased and your standpoint will appear stronger.
  5. Optimize your post: carefully choose categories and tags that will make your post easy to reference.
  6. Call-To-Action: involve your reader; comments,...

Call to action

Now that you've gained your leadership, readers are hooked on your post and even regularly check your updates, what do you want them to do? you have several options in order to answer that question and not only use your leadership, but also empower your readers :

  • links: expand your readers' horizons by connecting your post to an event, a cause, a manifesto, anything relevant to your content.
  • comments: ask for direct contribution and engage your reader into commenting your blog post! That's a classic one but definetly a keeper :)
  • share: engage your readers into sharing your blog post on social media!
  • contribute: we at Mozilla have a vivid community, covering many activities your reader may be excited about: connect your blog post to those contributions and engage your reader into developing its own impact!

Most importantly: have fun and be passionate about what you're writing. It's all about sharing, enjoy :D