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Process to date


Three ways to find people:

1. Bugzilla queries
2. Referrals from Mozilla
3. Self-nomination

Reference Check

I email the team leader (or equivalent) of the project where the volunteer is working, asking the following set of questions as a reference check.

After I receive a positive response from the first reference check with the team leader, I request that the volunteer give me a few other Mozilla sources whom I may contact. In all, I try to conduct at least three reference checks (documented on email) for each candidate.

Assessing Need

I ask the volunteer to answer the following questions that help me assess the need and what we can provide.

Gaining Final Approval

If all responses come back positive, then the candidate is moved to the final stage. Here, the Community Program will assemble a rotating team of Mozilla staff people to review each case in the pipeline at a bi-weekly (or monthly depending on cases to be decided) meeting. (Here is a the proposal template.)

If the committee agrees with the research we compile and background checks, and the request for support seems reasonable, then we distribute what is necessary.

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