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Reference Check

The following questions are asked to each team leader or module owner who has worked with the volunteer who we are considering supporting. The questions are meant to isolate how long a person has worked on Mozilla, how critical have the contributions been to the project, and how collaborative the person is.

• How long have you worked with or known of the volunteer?

• What aspects (past and present) of the project is the volunteer working on? Please be specific.

• Can you articulate why you think supporting this volunteer will empower him or her as a contributor?

• Has the volunteer helped advance the core mission of Mozilla, which is providing innovation and choice on the Web?

• About how much do you think the volunteer will be able to amplify the support given her/him? For example, by giving a relatively small amount of support, do you think this volunteer will be able to provide a much larger benefit to Mozilla?

• About how much time per week is this volunteer dedicating to the project? Would you consider him or her a dedicated volunteer to Mozilla?

• Can you comment on the quality of the volunteer’s work?

• Has the volunteer been collaborative, positive, and fun to work with? If so, how?

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