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Participation Team

Welcome to the Participation team page. This page and the team sub-pages are just starting. New information is being updated daily. Thank you for your patience!

What we do

The Participation Team works on programs for volunteer participation at Mozilla, specifically focusing on developing the Mozilla Reps platform and strengthening our regional communities.

As part of the larger Participation plan the CDT focuses primarily on:

  1. Expanding the scope of the Mozilla Reps program
  2. Getting more volunteers and functional teams working together
  3. Regional Community Health
  4. Helping develop a bold long-term plan for radical participation at Mozilla

How and where you can get involved

Although our mandate is to iterate quickly and putting our theories to practice so we can continuously strengthen and refine them, we strive to work as openly and transparently as possible. The following list includes links to the most important resources to stay on top of and engage with and hack on our work. We want your help!

  • Community Development Team Google Doc Folder - This is where all of our strategies, project plans and other related documents live.
  • Participation 2015 Strategic Plan - This is the strategic plan for the entire Participation group that the Community Development Team is a key part of.
  • Q1 2015 goals tracker - These are the goals for Q1 2015, with links to the project plan for each goal.
  • CBT mailing list - This is a good place to discuss both Participation ideas in general, and the projects and strategies specific to the Community Development Team.
  • Discourse - This is where we hope to consolidate all asynchronous conversations one day (but we're not there yet!). Like the CBT list above, this is another great place for discussions and collaboration.
  • In addition to the above handy links, we also blog a lot. Find links to our various blogs in the Team section below.

More to come..!


The main CDT initiatives for 2015 are:

  1. Updating the Reps SIG model to enable volunteers and product teams to work hand in hand while having an immediate impact on key organizational initiatives
  2. Developing participation experiments with functional areas
  3. Create educational materials to empower volunteers
  4. Evolve the events model to support functional impact
  5. Drive targeted recruitment of volunteers

You can track the progress here.

The Team