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As a part of MCS project, Community Ops provides the following to established projects that benefit the Mozilla mission.

  • Website hosting
  • Email hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • Domain registration
  • Volunteer sysadmins

Read more on the general requirements

How to request?

Fill out the Community IT Request Form and we'll guide you through the process. You'll need a bugzilla account for this.

Who can we help?

Requests for help are approved by Mozilla Reps. See Reps Digital Resources for more information on who we can help and how to ask for help.

What do we do?


Mozilla has setup accounts with hosting providers, so we can help host your website. There's a few options, so for a quicker process, in the additional comments box, tell us what you are going to be hosting on your site, and how many users you're expecting.


We are providing wordpress hosting services for the community needs.

  • Wordpress
  • Database
    • MySQL in Amazon RDS
    • Periodic backups in S3
  • Persistent storage
    • All files are stored in distributed glusterfs volumes.
  • Management
    • [TODO] All wordpress instances are centrally managed using MainWP.

Domain services

  • We can provide domain names and DNS management for communities.

Domains point directly towards their own Route 53 hosted zone. All records are created within that hosted zone. For AWS services, aliases are used where possible.

Hosted Zones

We manage DNS for:

Workflow for Requesting DNS Records

Route 53 WorkFlow.jpg

SSL Certificate

  • SSL Certificates can be provided if your site will use passwords, or take any other information from users.


Non-WP sites

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1267164 Meta: Migrate WordPress community sites to WP Engine -- NEW
1267184 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267192 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267198 Migrate Non-WP to PaaS -- NEW
1267199 Migrate non-WP services to PaaS -- NEW
1267201 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1344680 Migrate to PaaS -- RESOLVED

7 Total; 6 Open (85.71%); 1 Resolved (14.29%); 0 Verified (0%);

Wordpress sites

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1267166 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267168 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267169 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267172 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267173 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267174 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267175 Migrate to PaaS -- RESOLVED
1267177 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267181 Migrate to PaaS -- ASSIGNED
1267182 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267183 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267185 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267188 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267190 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267193 Migrate to PaaS -- RESOLVED
1267194 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1267196 Migrate to PaaS -- NEW
1310176 Migrate to PaaS -- RESOLVED

18 Total; 15 Open (83.33%); 3 Resolved (16.67%); 0 Verified (0%);


  • We can provide site statistics, uptime monitoring, and incident response management. Read more on this here