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Warning: This is an archived page with no longer updated information. Community Tools team has been replaced by the Participation Infrastructure team

Community Tools allow Mozilla contributors to work better together. We are developing a suite of tools that allow people to know more, do more, and do better in the Mozilla world.


The Community Tools team serves to amplify the ability for Mozillians to contribute and connect with each other through the use of tools. We're building tools to help all Mozillians grow the number of contributions and contributors in the project.

The team helps easily organize contributors to make it easier for people to communicate, collaborate and recognize each other. We provide a suite of modules for contributors to organize events and report their activities in the Mozilla Project. We engage people with contribution opportunities, and keep them informed of relevant Mozilla news.


Mozillians-logo.png Reps-logo.png

Our suite of tools includes:

  • - a community directory for Mozilla contributors (wiki)
  • Reps Portal - tools for Reps to be successful in their day to day activities and also receive mentorship for continued development (wiki)

2014 focus

  • Make contributor information more accessible
  • Recognize contributors in a meaningful way
  • Create a suite of modules

Reps Portal

  • Scale operations
  • Measure the impact of activities and events
  • Create a community leadership platform


The roadmap is focused on enabling more contributions and contributors. It supports the Mozilla 2014 goal to Enable Communities that have Impact.

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