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Community Platforms (aka SUMDNPUT)
Team Lead: James Socol Mailing List:
We build and maintain our documentation and feedback platforms.
  • To empower the Mozilla community and foster innovation by creating powerful platforms.
  • To build, maintain, and improve applications that grow and leverage our community to continually improve Mozilla's products like Firefox.
  • To find innovative ways to use platforms to drive communication between projects.



Core Projects

Project Web Source Code IRC Bugzilla
Mozilla Support Kitsune #sumodev Product:
Firefox Input Fjord #input Product: Input
Mozilla Developer Network Kuma #mdndev Product: Mozilla Developer Network
Component: Website

Additional/Supporting Projects

Project Web Source Code IRC Bugs
Standup Web app, IRC bot #standup Web app, IRC bot
Promote MDN #mdn
ElasticUtils #elasticutils

Team Members

Name IRC Location/Timezone Project(s)
James Socol jsocol Brooklyn, NY (US-Eastern) SUMO/MDN/Input
James Bennett ubernostrum US-Central MDN
Mike Cooper mythmon US-Pacific SUMO/Input
Luke Crouch groovecoder Tulsa, OK MDN
Rehan Dalal rdalal US-Eastern SUMO/Input
Will "James" Kahn-Greene willkg Massachusetts, US (US-Eastern) SUMO/Input
Les Orchard lorchard Detroit, MI (US-Eastern) MDN
Ricky Rosario r1cky US-Eastern SUMO/Input
David Walsh davidwalsh US-Central MDN