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Participation Infrastructure group is directly responsible for enabling our participation efforts by building, maintaining, designing and implementing new participation infrastructure or existing one. We are working closely with the larger Participation and Community Development group to deliver infrastructure and tool solutions for their needs.


We maintain, develop and deploy various tools associated with Participation around Mozilla. Here you can find a list of projects we are working on:

    • Formerly known as Phonebook too, this is the central directory for all mozillians.
    • The portal behind the Mozilla Reps program.
  • MozModerator
    • Are you hosting an event? Want to Moderate questions like a Monday-meeting boss? Use MozModerator!
  • Discourse
    • Communication platform. It features a clean web interface, mailing list features and much more.

File a bug

We own the Bugzilla product of "Participation Infrastructure" where you can file a bug about any of our properties.


  • Henrik Mitsch - Manager
  • Arielle Kilroy - Manager
  • Anastasios (Tasos) Katsulas - Developer
  • John (Nemo) Giannelos - Developer
  • Florian Merz - Developer
  • Leo McArdle - Developer
  • Hidde de Vries - Developer
  • Viorela Ioia - QA


You can find us on #participationsystems on or