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Community Platforms goals for 2012 Q2.

Community Platforms

These are meta goals that I'd like to turn into something actionable.

  • Increase collaboration between CP teams. (Combined on/off site?)
  • Push toward platformitization.
  • Look for opportunities to interconnect platforms.
    • PuSH b/w and MDN developer profiles, esp. w/ aim towards open badges

Support Engineering

  • [ON TRACK] Turn off Sphinx completely (e.g. remove the code, shut off the server, turn off the lights, fill the facility with concrete, bury it deep in the earth's core, ...)
    • [ON TRACK] Get rid of fixtures.
  • Get upper_90 for all views (GET) to < 800ms.
  • [ON TRACK] Document entry points for contributors.
  • Find a way to expose/credit code contributors. (humans.txt?)

MDN Engineering

  • Turn MindTouch server completely off
  • Velocity?
    • 15/week?
    • <10% "dropped/bumped" points

Community Tools Engineering