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Please list the individual tasks we need to complete to accomplish these goals before December 31.

Mozilla Web Compatibility Bugs

No bugs older than 6 months

All bugs in Mobile and Desktop components (older than 6 months) should be (re)verified. Most of the bugs which are left out there hanging are basically useless. Either we are making progress by being successful at contacting people. Either we could just close them. So instead of being maybe a big too extreme, we need to have a strategy around the way we manage them. We have the status contactready→sitewait. Maybe we need an additional layer contactready→⤾contacted→sitewait. TO_DISCUSS at Portland work week.

  1. [Nothing] UNCONFIRMED/NEW
  2. Needdiagnosis: the bug has to be tested and analyzed. NEW
  3. Contactready: We need to find contact information and eventually contact. NEW
  4. Contacted: An action has been taken to contact the company/person. After 1 month(?!) if the company/person has not replied, we go back to Contactready. ASSIGNED
  5. Sitewait: We received acknowledgement that it has been taken into account. ASSIGNED

Organize Web Compat Summit (to be held in Q12015)

  • Pick a date & venue (Moz MV or SF probably)
    • Before/After MWC?
  • Identify desired outcomes
    • Common messaging around Web Compatibility issues
    • Develop set of best practices (reviews of our mutual docs)
    • Share Issues in between our bug trackers.
  • Define agenda
  • Identify attendees, send out invitations
    • Microsoft Web compat team (already active)
    • Opera Devrel
    • China browser makers?


  • Materials - Ready to consume
  • Workshops/talks/presentations in 2015
    • Venues?

Inter Mozilla project Coordination

  • Define an inter-Mozilla shared goals about Web Compatibility/Evangelization/Documentation.
  • Determine how to measure compatibility of Mozilla products
    • Will allow for tracking progress
    • Determine whether this measurement can be used on product shipping criteria