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Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1756417 WebKit "Snowstack" demo does not work P3 ASSIGNED
1886480 Headlines on the mobile version of have odd spacing P3 NEW
1802986 Scrolling table on OECD website with the mouse wheel doesn't work P3 ASSIGNED
1401469 insufficient buffer to decrypt data (not use FileSystem API in Firefox) P2 REOPENED
1858360 Firefox/Safari disagree with Chrome on how to size a grid item with an optional vertical scrollbar -- NEW
1857427 - Favicon is missing in the site bookmark toolbar P3 NEW
1886420 Location prompt keeps appearing whenever the page is accessed/reloaded on P3 NEW
1886404 The video does not autoplay in the search results on P3 NEW
1885527 Cannot open Microsoft Sway when using Microsoft Office 365 accounts P2 NEW
1885787 In dark mode, clicking on a google / bing search result to a page that's not fast may flash a blank white page (because of intermediary page to track the click) P2 NEW
1886616 Selected options are not visible on P2 NEW
1810596 Screen reader does not announce aria-live-region with role="status" P3 NEW
1806276 Loading spinner SVG on does not draw properly and causes memory leak/crash P3 RESOLVED
1844043 The margins for the menu options are not bold when selected at P3 NEW

14 Total; 13 Open (92.86%); 1 Resolved (7.14%); 0 Verified (0%);

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