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Web Compatibility Team Goals

A place to document what the team is working on.

Now, we are maintaining our quarterly goals on GitHub


Q4 2017

Q3 2017

  • [ola] create a CLI script for setting up dev
  • [ola] build the website refactoring
  • [ola] create a UI that suggest duplicate entries when reporting bugs
  • [tom] create a web extension to help diagnose bugs (when having little context about the bugs) and remove reliance on mitmproxy (blocked until the relevant web extension API lands).
  • [tom] create a user-agent spoofing web extension that works well on fennec and desktop Firefox.
  • [tom] burn down the needsdiagnosis queue for desktop/fennec as much as possible.
  • [tom] continue work on the website regression tool, making it work with at least 5 topsites and getting it to work with CI (blocked until the relevant web extension API lands).
  • [eric] create a web extension to cross-post information from to moz-bugzilla in one click
  • [dennis] solve the compatibility issue for webcompat gofaster extension with Quantum
  • [dennis] finalize the JS and CSS override for webcompat gofaster extension
  • [dennis] Ship for webcompat gofaster extension to fennec so we have a simpler UA override.
  • [dennis] Add a webcompat panel to the developer tools.
  • [dennis] Release 3 screencasts, including one about gofaster
  • [mike] Do a screencast about triage
  • [mike] Re-land report site issue in nightly in nightly 57
  • [mike] Land a webhook for automatically labeling with type-stylo if users have enabled it in their pref.
  • [mike] Finish the specification about window.event
  • [mike] Establish with Taipei engineering management on how to make issues more visible when they matter for webcompat.
  • [mike] Whip everyone about the training options.
  • [adam] Do a screencast about webcompat environment setup for testing triage
  • [adam] Clarify and establish a clear responsibility for partner relations stuff
  • [adam] Explore trending content by getting data from Pocket, and see if we can collect code patterns
  • [karl, mike, eric] Tackle the milestones issue
  • [karl] Deliver a working prototype for atom feeds
  • [karl] Finalize shoki (script to generate minutes of meetings)
  • [karl] Finalize a janitor script for cleaning up incorrect status labels on
  • [karl] -webkit-appearance use cases for the CSS Working Group.

Q2 2017

  • Ship WebCompat Reporter add-on in Desktop (Dev Edition)
  • Automated Tooling (bots: screenshots, alexa rank, etc.)
  • Atom feed for domains
  • Duplicate issues UI
  • Contributor rewards/recognition
  • Top site interactive crawlers (blocked on headless Gecko work)

Q1 2017

  • Ship WebCompat Reporter add-on in Desktop (Nightly, carry-over from Q4)
  • Web Regression Test Suite (prototyping)
  • Go Faster v2 APIs (DOM, CSS, JS)
  • Go Faster automated sitepatch testing
  • Desktop WebCompat Reporter improvements (perf, UI) in Desktop
  • UX + onboarding improvements (Outreachy project w/ Adam)
  • Compat Stats Dashboards and Metrics
  • Mobile Top Sites Compatibility Survey (in prioritized locales, pending budget approval)
  • Continued Compat spec work
    • -webkit-appearance
    • meta viewport
    • etc.
  • Community engagement/building (speaking, articles, contributor onboarding, Outreachy)
  • Telemetry


Q4 2016

  • Ship WebCompat Reporter add-on in Desktop (Nightly)
  • Ship v1 webcompat go faster addon (enabled)
  • Burn down "needsdiagnosis" backlog on (> 3 months old)
  • performance audit
  • Ship issues.db branch
  • Continued community engagement (speaking, articles, contributor onboarding, outreachy)
    • Article about webcompat in Japan (karl)
    • Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 (karl)

DONE Q4 2016

  • Finalize work with Yahoo! JP to get sites fixed for Fennec