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Below is a list of items that can be used when doing the Pre-Triage activities:

Note: The information below are only examples, and do not always apply to every issue, thus only the relevant information according to each case in particular should be added.

In Pre-Triage process labels/milestones are not set, this is done in the Triage process.

  • Accessing the issues that can be pre-triaged



Note: Clicking a card redirects to the bugs details page. To view issue on Github: Press "g" on your keyboard to be taken to the GitHub view of this page.

  • Test the issues using the latest Firefox Nightly version;
       Firefox Nightly 64 Mobile/Desktop 
  • Clearly indicate if the issue can be reproduced or not;
       Thanks for the report. I was able/was not able to reproduce the issue.
  • Indicate if it’s a valid issue or not (.e.g “The issue is invalid due to ….”);
       Due to the fact that the issue is reproducible only with AdBlock enabled/Tracking Protection, should be closed as Invalid.
       For this project we try to focus our effort on layouts, features or content that works as expected in one browser but not in another.
  • Indicate if the issue is reproducible on other browsers (e.g Chrome / Opera / Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer / Samsung Internet);
       The issue is not/also reproducible on Chrome/Opera/Edge/IE/Vivaldi/Samsung Internet.
  • Try to test on the same environment as the user (if possible) , otherwise leave a comment with your environment;
       Tested with:
       Browser / Version: Firefox Mobile Nightly 64.0a1 (2018-10-01)
       Device / Operating System: Google Pixel (Android 9) - 1080 x 1920 pixels (~441 ppi pixel density), Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Android 8.0) - 1440 x 2560 pixel (~534 ppi pixel density)
  • In case the issue is reproducible on multiple browsers, indicate that (e.g. “This is a Non-compat issue”);
       For this project we try to focus our effort on layouts, features or content that works as expected in one browser but not in another. This is a Non-compat issue.
  • Check if the issue is reproducible on Firefox Release (in case it is not reproducible on Release, but it is reproducible on Nightly it might be a regression);
       This issue is also reproducible on Firefox Release 62.
  • Add clear Steps to reproduce whenever it is possible and relevant;
       Steps to reproduce:
           1. Navigate to
           2. Click the "Search" field.
           3. Type in some text (e.g. test).
           4. Observe behavior.
  • Indicate if a new account needs to be created and if the issue is reproducible while being signed in or not;
       An account is needed to test this issue. It can/cannot be created on the website.
  • If you consider any other information relevant please also add it in the comment.

Eg.: You can also check if the issue was already logged by “Searching” for the domain.

       This might be a duplicate issue from Bugzilla/Webcompat #xxxxx.
Pasted image 0.png
  • Add a relevant screenshot (in case none is available), maybe a comparison between Firefox and Chrome;
Pasted image 2.png
  • Add any relevant logs/error that can be found in the console (using for mobile devices - WebIDE, and for Desktop - Inspect);

For Mobile devices:

   1. Make sure USB debugging is enabled (from device’s Developer options)
   2. Enable the “Remote debugging via USB” from Nightly-Menu-Settings-Advanced-Remote debugging via USB.
   3. In Nightly Desktop, Shift+F8 - Console.
Pasted image 3.png

For Desktop:

   1. In Nightly Desktop, right click anywhere on the page - Inspect Element - Console.
Pasted image 4.png