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Hard to Diagnose Bugs

Adding your name will help when we want to get more context about the issues. Don't forget to open issues on devtools project too.

  • (karl) When the event is wrapped by a generic handler before being dispatched to the actual function in charge of doing something.
  • (karl) Events caught in a timer loop (do something with this if only in the x ms) aka artificially managing the event queue. We get caught in the event loop and can't go out because the step by step is not fast enough.
  • (karl) Nonsensical "steps out". The step out of Firefox devtools seems to be working differently from the one in Chrome. There are many cases where it doesn't seem to make sense. Karl will try to find a practical example.
  • (karl) faking geolocation for testing
  • (karl) step by step jumping to the minified code instead of the prettyfied one.