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Interventions Releases

Release Process

The current draft document which describes the Interventions Release process can be found here:

Comments are welcome in the document. Once finalized, the process will live here on this wiki page.

Interventions Release Rotations

Engineers on the Web Compatibility team will rotate on ownership of shipping new versions of our interventions addons, serving as an Intervention Release Owner (IRO). The process will follow a predictable 4 week schedule, mirroring the proposed 4 week Firefox release schedule.

During bug diagnosis, if a site is identified as a low priority intervention candidate, a label shall be added for the IRO to take care of during their rotation. Low priority interventions ride the trains without any need for uplifts or out of band shipping mechanisms. The expectation is that there will be a single regular low-priority release for each version of Firefox, driven by the IRO.

High priority interventions should be flagged immediately to the IRO who will then begin the process necessary to ship an off-train intervention.

The IRO will be responsible for the following:

  • Authoring, testing, landing high priority intervention patches
  • Requesting testing of high risk interventions from the WebCompat QA team
  • Coordinating QA verification and release stakeholders (Balrog, AC, etc) for high priority interventions
  • Sending an intent-to-ship email for high priority intervention patches
  • Landing patches in GitHub, Mozilla Central, and Android Components repos
  • Requesting uplifts for interventions when necessary
  • Backporting interventions from mozilla-central where necessary (see Backporting a Mozilla Central Patch).
  • Handling potential regression fallout from interventions

Intervention Release Owner Schedule

For simplicity, we rotate on a per-release following the Nightly schedule at [Release Calendar].

  • Firefox 74 - Ksenia
  • Firefox 75 - Dennis
  • Firefox 76 - Karl