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Release Owners

  • For any questions related to landing of particular features, Beta scheduling, preffing on/off a feature, release notes etc for a particular Firefox version on any channel, below would be the best contacts in addition to emailing

Currently in 2016, Liz, Ritu, Gerry, Julien and Sylvestre each take a version of Firefox and follow it from nightly through aurora, beta, and release. Whoever has just done a release will then "own" the next ESR and work on the new nightly. Marcia will be working on whichever version is in nightly.

Firefox Version Owner Secondary Eng support TPE Eng support Releng¹ Corresponding ESR Release date
Firefox 58 ???, jlund 2018-01-16
Firefox 57 Ritu Kothari Julien Cristau Jim Mathies Ethan Tseng jlund, sfraser 2017-11-14
Firefox 56 Liz Henry Gerry Chang Panos Astithas Shian-Yow Wu garbas, mtabara, kmoir Julien Cristau 2017-09-26
Firefox 55 Julien Cristau Liz Henry Mike Taylor HsinYi Tsai garbas, mtabara Gerry Chang 2017-08-08
Firefox 54 Gerry Chang Julien Cristau Nathan Froyd Peter Chang mtabara, aki Ritu 2017-06-13
Firefox 53 Liz Henry Gerry Chang Randell Jesup Blake Wu aki, jlorenzo Julien Cristau 2017-04-18
Firefox 52 Julien Cristau Sylvestre RyanVM Astley Chen jlorenzo, jlund Gerry 2017-03-07
Firefox 51 Gerry Chang Liz Henry Milan Kan-Ru Chen jlund, mtabara Ritu 2017-01-24
Firefox 50.1.0 Ritu Julien Cristau Andrew Overholt Rail, mtabara Liz (45.6.0) 2016-12-13
Firefox 50 Ritu Julien Cristau Andrew Overholt Rail, mtabara Liz 2016-11-15
Firefox 49 Liz Gerry Chang David Bolter Callek Sylvestre 2016-09-20
Firefox 48 Sylvestre Ledru Gerry Chang James Willcox Ritu Kothari 2015-08-02
Firefox 47 Ritu Kothari Jim Mathies Liz Henry 2016-06-07
Firefox 46 Liz Henry Sylvestre 2016-04-19
Firefox 45 (ESR) Sylvestre Ledru Ritu Kothari 2016-03-08
Firefox 44 Ritu Kothari Liz Henry 2016-01-26

¹ - Releng Coverage Notes

Release Engineering coverage for a release covers all releases in the cycle, beginning at the second beta for the cycle listed and ending on the first beta shipment of the follow-up cycle.