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Lessons Learned

We’ve worked on structuring some relevant items counted as Lessons Learned during the testing cycle performed on the First 100 EN web sites.

Here are the testing team’s conclusions:

What went well:

  • understanding the ways of working
  • good testing progress on the first 100 EN sites
  • good contribution on clarifying the logged issues
  • good collaboration with the team
  • weekly status emails

What can go better:

  • in depth understanding of the “Non-Compat” philosophy
  • gathering items to be tested (continuous process)
  • understanding of HTML/CSS/JS
  • getting more familiar with HTML debugging
  • labeling the issues (e.g firefox-mobile)
  • ask for help when needed
  • add resolution of the used device for testing (e.g Android 6.0.1 - Resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels (~445 ppi pixel density))

Items not tested:

  • UI issues reproducible on all Browsers (e.g. Firefox vs Chrome)
  • broken functionality reproducible on all Browsers
  • crashes
  • web sites with no mobile support
  • mobile web sites redirect to desktop pages
  • services available only through a dedicated application

Types of issues encountered:

  • mostly UI issues on all web-sites
  • few plugin issues (e.g. video doesn’t play)


We’ve encountered several web sites that we were not able to perform in-depth testing due to:

1) Web sites that need Special accounts (Banking, Insurance):

2) Web sites that need special information for account creation (US address, US phone number, SSN, Private/Public institution account)

3) Desktop site only

4) Inaccessibility