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Top 10 Issues (miketaylr)

Follow up on our discussion in London.

Visit with Google (miketaylr)

Visit with Rick Byers of the Blink team on Thursday.

  • miketaylr: We will brainstorm about webcompat and interop with adam and rick.

CSS Fix me (karlcow)

Hallvord was maintaining Will he continue? Do we need another point of contacts for issues. Just opened

  • karlcow: CSSfix me was initially created on Hallvord's website. Do we know if Hallvord if interested in maintaining it, or is there someone on the team to do this?
  • karlcow: It's a useful tool, I use it from time to time. But there are some issues.
  • miketaylr: I think we should maintain it, but we'll need someone to take it on.
  • deepthi: I can look at the issues and if they makes sense, I can take it.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress