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type-media (karlcow)

So for the last couple of days, type-media are flooding the issue tracker, with some in large duplication. (Here a thought: maybe have an automatic feature for duplicating an issue when the signature is the same.) So the issues end up in needs triage with type-media. What do we do with them once they reached our shores? There's nothing much we can do most of the time. Who is handling these issues like in a practical manner?

  • karl: we got a lot duplicate issue, like, What do we do so far to be flooding, triage or ignore? I close a lot at first as duplicate of the first one. Question: we are not able to handle right now, message is not enough. Technical references are difficult to understand.
  • mike: media team add feature in nightly, something bad in media also trigger webcompat extension to report site issue. We should not spending our time to such issue because it's Firefox issue. But media team doesn't have plan to handle automatically now. Maybe tomorrow we don't need to tag label: type-media. We can ignore such issue later.
  • karl: This issue looks like Firefox issue, why doesn't use bugzilla to report?
  • mike: I don't know. We do have the option to send user to webcompat, then to bugzilla with API key.
  • karl: Does user have to fill anything or it's transparent?
  • mike: parent bug:, also you need to prepare a special environment to reproduce these issues. Make sense for them to aggregate them?
  • karl: Do we still keep them in and close them as duplicate automatically when matching a certain number of common characteristics.
  • mike: we can have a bot for this. It's good other team use our service. There will be more info in the coming week.
  • denschub: Tracking them make sense here.

Report Site Issue Dev Edition update (miketaylr)

What does Project Dawn mean for this plan? See also

  • mike: we're rolling out the report site issue. we can handle nightly traffic. we decide move to dev-edition, but there is project dawn and kill aurora. Dev-edition exist in beta code-base. Many people will move to beta edition.
  • mike: beta still exists, dev-edition will be a blue icon. we will get sign-off to ship to beta. Will ask Bryan Clark for permission. see bug
  • karl: I use multiple profile, does it make any difference for me?
  • mike: doesn't know now. Just a different branch.
  • karl:
  • mike: on mobile, aurora migrate to nightly not beta.
  • tom: shift to shorten the delay and ship feature (fix bug) faster.
  • mike: in theory to provide more stability.

Test Plan and Lessons Learned documents (Sergiu & Oana)

This week we'll start creating a Test Plan and come up with a document on Lessons Learned regarding the testing performed so far. We'll be sending the documents as soon as they are completed. Is it ok to use the mailing-list for this? Furthermore, we would like to schedule a meeting early next week to discuss about these documents and possible improvements.

  • oana: finish top 100 website.
  • mike: ok to use mailing list for this, everything is public. welcome invite everyone to join, except the timezone. Good to see many good bug we never seem before.
  • karl: some bug we know but some are deep we don't notice before. It's cool and thanks Oana and Sergiu.
  • Sergiu: we track deeper
  • mike: would like look forward to the test plan.

About meeting next week

  • karl: next many people in the team not here
  • mike: some will be in berlin for workweek.
  • karl: not sure we need meeting.
  • mike: something urgent will send email. by default no meeting next week. Web-bugs Update (adam_s non-verbal)

Volume of reports was on track to be flat with previous weeks. Type-media reports have doubled the weekly number in a few days. Week of: April 10, 2017

  • Total: 259 Valid (still open): 108
  • Needsinfo: 6
  • Incomplete: 25
  • Worksforme: 40
  • Invalid: 29
  • Duplicate: 76
  • Wontfix: 0
  • Non-compat: 12

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress