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Testing en-US locale using "Phony" addon (Sergiu & Oana)

Could you provide some details related to this add-on and how to use it. What should we focus on? Should we test all sites while "Phony" is active and pointing to Chrome? E.g. For when setting Phony to point to Chrome, the page becomes Desktop page. For when setting Phony to point to Chrome, the video plays but the page becomes Desktop page.

  • miketaylr: The original intent was to test Google Search using only Phony addon. (mike explains tier1 vs less nice experience.) So if we were sending the Chrome UA using Fennec, what does it happen? What is breaking?
  • miketaylr: TODO: sent email with more details
  • oana: There is a problem, I'm getting a desktop site with
  • adam: Make sure to select the one that says Android (Phone)

VPN (HMA!) account disabled (Sergiu & Oana)

We've been using a VPN service (, but it seems that we no longer have access to it, due to multiple active sessions across the Mozilla project. Taking in consideration that we are using multiple devices at the same time, we would need a license that permits multiple active connections.

  • mike: Go ahead and get a 1 year subscription and send an invoice.

Outreachy intros (miketaylr)

Let's say hi to Beatriz and Carol.

  • everyone: (Everyone does a short intro) bugs triage (miketaylr)

It's the first week of the month, let's look at some bugs and in-progress issues.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress