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Eric's Topsites Code review (karl)


LABELs discussion (ola)

Karl and Ola met about labels. We discussed about the labels and their categories.

Dennis' system-addon review (eric)


  • eric: Reviewed the code of Dennis.

Run a script to compare if we don't shorten URL in our current alexa webhook, how many issue can't have priority label (eric)


  • eric: I do the 1-pass test today, with full host name matching, only 294/7840 issues found. Compared with 2-passes test before is 3212/7348. For me I choose to keep 2-passes, and collect black list (manually or we can use alexa site info API to know which domain we should always not do 2-passes)

Eric's priority labels for ranking review (guillaume)


Grid component (guillaume)


  • guillaume: I tried to code the component. But my idea around the way how I have to code id was no good. So I have to restart the component, and focus on the design.

Add-on Lightning Talk in Layout Team (thomas)


  • tom: Thomas met with Jet V to discuss his add-on, then accepted his invite to give a lightning talk to the layout team at their meeting. Feedback was positive, with people expressing interest in using the add-on as soon as possible to help with efforts like Stylo, retained display lists, and even WebVR.

Web Extension API (thomas)


  • tom: Thomas also worked on bug 1376991, to add a WebExtension API to clear cookies for specific hostnames.

Platform relations future (adam)


  • adam_s: Met with Dees to discuss the future of platform relations. Introduced myself to the Pocket team, asked about getting URLs for trending content, they are very interested in helping us out. Also worked on bugs.

More GoFaster work (denschub)

  • denschub: Worked more on our GoFaster future, including a Proof of Concept for injecting JS and CSS for further overriding broken sites.